Term 2 Week 8 – Introduction to Number 8 and Symmetry Continued

The second number we worked with this during this week was number 8.

We always start off our numeracy sessions with a song which helps the children remember the sequencing of the numbers.

The children enjoy this song very much as they march on the spot with every number that is recited.

The children proceeded to counting 8 different objects.  They even painted 8 little petals which at the end of the week were put together along with other components to form the sunflower plant in our 2nd symmetry lesson.

The children were given the numicon shapes and the play dough to practice counting the various numbers obviously amongst them there was number 8.  We will be working with the formation of 8 next week.



We had already spoken about this a couple of weeks back when we were exploring the use of paints.

We had created a friendly monster by putting blobs of paint onto a blank sheet of paper and folding it in half.  When we opened the paper again we had an identical array of vibrant colours on both sides.

These monsters are hanging outside on one of our pre-junior b walls.

For this week’s lesson we took a look around us and found things which are symmetrical we also watched a couple of videos and finished with creating a symmetrical sunflower in a pot.

During each phase of putting the plant together we emphasized the symmetrical concept.

flower pot.jpg

Here are some photos of the children busy creating their sunflowers.




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