Term 2 Week 8 – Writing letter a

During the literacy lesson after our usual alpha blocks song the children were very eager to attempt at saying words which starts with the first letter for this week – letter a.

I must say most of the children are getting better at this skill.  Some words they came up with were ant, arrow, Andrew, apiary, apple, accident and ask.

They also practiced writing this letter on the interactive whiteboard as well as played an interactive letter game.  They then proceeded to write the letter on their workbooks.

This is how the pages looked like:

As you can see from the pages above letter a is a caterpillar letter.  This is because when you start writing it, the letter curves straight away so a caterpillar could actually go round it if the letter existed in a three dimensional form.

Besides following the letter formation mentioned in the above pages I stress the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter a is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • We cannot write a zero, stop and then write a 1 next to it.
  • Letter a has a tail at the end.
  • The tail cannot be very long as this would transform it into another letter altogether.

We finished our letter a pages by working a mixed page.  First we went through the satpin letters as a class then the children worked this page alone   🙂

a pages.png

Alphablocks – Jolly phonics ” Learning the alphabet Sounds ” –

Letter a game –




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