Term 2 Week 9 In The Garden – Part 4

During this week we continued developing the topic “In the Garden”.

We took a closer look at the sunflower we started to talk about during the previous week.  The children watched a story called “The Magnificent Sunflower”.  The story talks about a sunflower which grows and grows taller than anything else around her and meets the one who helped her grow so tall.

The children learnt that there are people who love to paint the things that they see in nature.  One such person was Van Gogh.


We took a closer look at his sunflower painting.

The children then created their own little work of art.  They drew sunflowers in the garden.  Here are some examples of the sunflowers drawn in class. We will add them to our collection in our classroom.  Well done to all   🙂

Last week the sunflower was used to show symmetry, a topic which we revised again this week.  Our explanation coincided with the number 8 lesson so with Ms. Corinne’s help the children stuck 8 small black beans in the centre of this lovely flower.

Symmetry song –




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