Gentle Reminder and Sports Day Note 2

Dear all,

Gentle reminders –

  • Children start school again on Monday 9th
  • They have to come to school with their winter uniform.
  • Please send in the following (as per previous blog).
    • packet of wipes
    • 2 medium tubes of glue stick
    • A photo of your child doing some Easter activity
    • Sports day consent form for your child
    • 1 euro for the sports day props
    • Participation forms for all those mummies and daddies taking part in the parents’ races

Very Important:  For one of the Sports Day games could you kindly send in a small backpack which we will be keeping at school for our race rehearsals.  Kindly label each bag clearly.  I will be sending it back after the 4th of May when sports day is over.

I will be able to tell you the colour of the t-shirt that the children need for sports day when everyone would have sent me confirmation that their child is taking part.
Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine



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