Laminated Letter Flashcards



Dear parents and guardians,

Today in your son/daughter’s folders you will find 2 papers with letter flashcards.  Kindly do the following:

  • Cut them out, keeping to the same size as the boxes they are in.
  • Write the name of your child in legible handwriting at the back of each one. (So your child can be able to read their name).
  • Laminate them.
  • Put them in a small plastic button envelope folder, which fits into their usual big red folder.
  • Please send them back to school by Monday 16th April as we will soon start using them in class to play letter/word games I have prepared for them as well as forming cvc words.
  • All those children who did not get their red folder today do not have the flashcard papers in their bag as they would have all been crushed. Please send in the red folder so I can also send the flashcard papers home for lamination.


Thanks for your co-operation


Ms. Geraldine



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