Term 3 Week 1 – Basic Addition – Part 1

This week we started working with the basic addition.

As an introduction to this important concept we took a close look at why we add up numbers in everyday life, we count our toys altogether to see how many we have,  we count the plates altogether when setting the table, we add when friends share things with us to see how many we have as an end result etc.

We can add almost anything except for very tiny objects like rice and sand.  The children came up with various examples of what they might add.

We practiced counting through play.  We added various things altogether like children, blocks, beans and buttons.  As we went along the children got accustomed to the language used in addition mainly plus and add, equals and altogether.  The children used addition playing cards like the ones below to add various counters.


The success criteria for working a basic addition sum are as follows:

  • You ask yourself how many objects do I have.
  • Count the objects in the first circle.
  • Count the numbers in the second circle.
  • Read the sum Eg 1 ball plus 1 ball equals.
  • Count altogether (I do a big circle with my hands to emphasize the altogether).
  • Say the final answer – So I have 2 balls altogether.


To practice the above concept besides using manipulatives we also played games on the websites www.starfall.com and http://www.abcya.com/addition.htm where the children added potatoes, animals and marbles.

They really enjoyed playing these basic addition games.  Next week we will be developing this concept further.

We also did some revision of number values from 1 to 10.  The children had different number cards and they had to roll very small balls to represent the numbers on the cards.

Here are some photos of the children in action.



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