Term 3 Week 1 – Malta – Part 1

The topic the pre-junior teachers have chosen for most part of the last term is Malta.  Even our sports day is based on traditions and culture which pertain to Malta too.

We started off the week by first welcoming the children and asking them if they enjoyed their holidays.  We mentioned some of the major events happening during this third term:  Sports day, Open Day and Graduation Day.

The children are very excited to start adding up, read cvc words and go on outings.  I then explained the idea of show and tell based on an activity they did during their Easter Holidays.  Below you will find the photo of the children who spoke about their Easter experience.

Other children will be doing their little presentation next week.

Besides show and tell we started talking about the topic Malta.  The children got to know that the country they presently live in is an island surrounded by a beautiful sea.

This linked us to one of the games we will be show casing during sports day – Off to the Beach for some sun and sea!  In fact we spoke about the beauty of such lovely places such as Ghadira, Golden Bay, Ramla Bay and Blue Lagoon.

However we have to take care of these beaches and not throw rubbish after having visited one of them for a swim or a barbeque.  It is also important to protect ourselves from the sun whilst at the beach by wearing a cap and applying sunblock at all times.

Back to the Malta topic –

Malta actually forms part of a group of 3 islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino.  They got a taste of the countries’ culture by looking at a power point about Malta.  They got to know that Valletta is the capital city of Malta whilst that of Gozo is Rabat.  The land is made out of hills and valleys.

In fact each country has its own specific characteristics. Each country has its own national plant.  That of Malta is called The Maltese Centaury.  Each country has its national animal. The Blue Rock Thrush Bird is the Maltese national bird living on the Dingli Cliffs.

We also looked at the flag of Malta.  They learnt that the flag of Malta is white and red with the George Cross on the white part.  In fact each country has its own flag.  They got an idea of how a flag looks like by observing a couple of videos of the different countries of the world.  This is the one they loved the most.

The colours on a flag are important.  We will go in further detail next week.  Flags linked us to the literacy lesson.  More information can be found under the literacy section.

The children created two flags.  The first flag was inspired from the above video clip where the children used their imagination to invent a new flag.  The second flag was that of Malta.


Maltese Flag

This is only some of the information the children got to know about.  More interesting facts will be shared with the children next week.

Malta PowerPoint



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