Term 3 Week 2 Basic Addition – Part 2

As I mentioned in the previous numeracy blog last week we started experimenting with basic addition up to ten.

This week we continued adding different objects to master addition by counting on – the children added skittles, blocks, beans, buttons, toys, shapes to decorate a big kite and numicon shapes.

They also played some addition games on the board just like last week.  They extended their addition skills during free play where they counted various toys whilst cooking and shopping.

Now that they had ample time to explore and experiment adding up objects they also worked some pages on their workbook.  These are some examples of the pages.

Those children who are still unsure of some number shapes used the number line at the top of the page to copy the answer.

This week we also worked other addition sums with the different that the addition numbers were already provided and the children had to draw the equivalent circles to the numbers provided and then add altogether.  Addition was always up to ten.

Using this technique requires different skills.

  • The children have to be able to recognize the numbers.
  • To be able to draw the appropriate value and stop at the value asked for.
  • To be able to draw the objects clearly so then they would be able to count the objects altogether by using the cutting method.

This is an example of such a page.


We will work more pages such as the above next week.



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