Term 3 Week 2 Writing Letter h

As you saw from the topic work blog during this week we worked with letter h for hedgehog.  This letter is also a one-armed robot letter just like the letters m and r before it.

The children were very enthusiastic to say words which start with the h sound.  These are some of the words they mentioned – heart, hero, hammer, hand, hay, hungry, hug, hat, hen and heavy.

Besides writing this letter on the interactive whiteboard, they wrote it their workbooks as well.  This is how the pages looked like:


I also stressed the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter h is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • We always start from the top where there is the dot and NOT from the bottom.
  • Letter h has a tall back and a small tunnel. It resembles a chair when you look at it from the side.
  • We try and go up on the same middle line to start the small tunnel.  We use the pointy finger of the hand we don’t write with to stop at the middle and start the tunnel.
  • The tunnels have to be round at the top and not pointy.
  • The tunnel cannot go up all the way or it becomes a n instead.

Letter h song –




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