Term 3 Week 3 – Basic Addition – Part 3

This week we continued working with basic addition.  The children had addition sums such as (2+3=) on their workbooks.  This is the way they worked them out.

Step 1 – They read the sum.

Step 2 – They drew the equivalent number of balls above the sum.

Step 3 – They counted the balls drawn by cutting them out.

Step 4 – They wrote the answer (total) in the box provided.

Here are a couple of examples we worked on the workbooks.


Skills needed

  • Recognition of the numbers
  • Counting by rote
  • Stopping at the given number
  • Drawing the balls clearly without overlapping (a difficulty that some children encounter)
  • Not getting distracted whilst counting
  • Remembering to write the final answer in the box provided and not copy any of the other numbers instead.

We used many different hands on material like in the previous week to add with such as beans, buttons, play dough, toys, skittles, flags etc.

We also used other websites we also used to consolidate this topic further. (Look at previous numeracy blogs for other addition online games used.)






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