Term 3 Week 3 – Malta – Part 4 – Dog (The Maltese)

After flying kites our focus turned on Maltese animals, precisely dogs or rather The Maltese.

The children learnt that although there are many dogs in existence we actually have a dog which originated on the Maltese Islands many thousands of years ago way back in the times of the Romans and Egyptians.

These people took these cute tiny creatures to other countries and that is how the Maltese is so popular all over the world till this day.  The children learnt many facts about these dogs.

The Maltese can fit in a large teacup.

  • It is a family dog which is very friendly, lovable and playful.
  • It does not have fur like other dogs but hair which can grow very long. It needs to be brushed every day.
  • From time to time this dog needs to go to the groomer for a haircut.


  • The Maltese is a popular pet with wealthy people. Ladies used to have dresses with wide sleeves made so they could hold their Maltese dog where ever they went.



  • These dogs are also used a therapy dogs because they love cuddling up and can easily be put in the lap of a bedridden person.

Here are some links which you can access with your children and which can also be a point of discussion.



The children decorated their own Maltese dog.  All dogs are happily hanging outside our classroom.

You have surely guessed to which letter this topic leads us to  🙂  d – dog (The Maltese). More information can be found under the literacy blog.



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