Term 3 Week 4 – Gianpula Green House Outing

Tuesday was dedicated to the much awaited outing to the Gianpula Green House.

Despite the bad and cold weather, the wind and the rain which drizzled most of the morning we managed to arrive to our destination where we were met by a nice team of people.


The children got familiar with what a greenhouse looks like and why it is used.  They learnt that in a greenhouse the temperature is controlled so that plants and herbs can be grown even when they are not in season.

We first visited the seed and germination room where we saw seeds of various shapes and sizes.  The children saw how these are placed one by one inside special containers by means of a machine and then taken to the germination room.

These are left here for three days under specific conditions so they germinate or start sprouting.  Usually this progress takes much longer.


Next these sprouts are taken out into the green house and are left to grow in ideal conditions.  They would have controlled amount of light, warmth and water thus avoiding mould or drying out.

The children were already familiar with the process of how plants and trees grow from our “In the Garden” topic so they were all eyes and ears to see how these could be controlled by humans.

In fact they saw how these plants are watered by means of vertical sprinklers.  The children learnt that in better weather conditions the ceiling of the green house is opened by means of a computer to allow natural sunlight in.

fruit salad.jpg

After lunch children were offered a tasty fruit salad.  Some of them really liked it and asked for a second helping.  Others tasted melons for the first time.  They played a fruit hop scotch, drew and coloured in a healthy balanced dinner plate picture containing fruit, vegetables, protein and a dairy product.

Last but not least they planted their own petunia plant which they brought home.  They even learnt that the compost they used in the pot was special and it even contained little pieces of coconuts. Their plant needs to sleep outside, be given water and plenty of sunlight.




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