Term 3 Week 4 – Malta – Part 5 Oranges

Topic work for this week started off with a story called No Norman, A Goldfish Story written by Kelly Bennett.

This story talks about a boy who got a gold fish as a birthday present.  The boy wanted a different kind of pet and in this book we see why.

However as the story unfolds he starts realizing that having a goldfish as a pet is not half as bad and he discovers the positive qualities of owning a fish.

After the story we moved on to question time as well as exploring the advantages and the disadvantages of having different animals as pets.  We then looked at the particular colour that the goldfish has – orange.

I then linked this to the Malta theme by posing the question “what other things do we find which are orange in Malta?  The children replied oranges.  We then moved onto different kinds of fruit which are oranges in colour.  This is what all the class came up with.


The children learnt that farmers grow most of these crops on the Maltese Islands.  They even sell some of these to foreign countries.  Such a fruit is the orange.

Although to us they may look the same there are different varieties of this fruit such as the ordinary round orange, the large oval orange, the Malta egg orange, the Malta egg-blood orange, the Bahia or navel orange, and the vanilla orange which is a sweet type of orange.

These oranges grow at different parts of the year.  Orange fruits form part of the citrus family.

They watched a video about orange picking.  Video Clip – Sun & Citrus: Harvesting Oranges In Malta’s Countryside –

They then proceeded to create their own orange fruit craft.  Through this craft they became aware that oranges have different segments inside and that these grow out of seeds like all fruit. Our oranges are hanging outside our classroom.


As you can guess one of the letters for this week is o for orange.  More information can be found in the literacy section.



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