Term 3 Week 4 – Number 12 – Part 1

Number 12 and Revision of numbers 1-11

Before working with the next number on the number line 12 I always go through the numbers we would have done so far so the children can reinforce the work dine beforehand.  I show them the number line from 1-20 and make them aware of the pattern found in numbers:


They can visually see that

  • The numbers starting with teens all have a 1 in front. This means a 10 but the 0 is hiding behind second number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.  They practice 10 and 1, 10 and 2 etc using their numicon shapes.
  • The numbers with two digits (numbers holding hands are bigger then the numbers which stand alone.)
  • I also tell them that 11 and 12 are special because although they are teen numbers we do not hear the teen number in them. They have special names.

This brings us to the only number for this week – 12.

  • I always joke with the children when saying this number. I pretend to make a mistake by saying two-elve.  I pretend that I am not sure of what I have said and they correct me saying twelve.
  • This week we worked with the formation and the value of this number. The children know that 12 is made up of ten and a two.  In fact they can see this on their workbooks as well as using numicon shapes and blocks to form a ten and a two.
  • I always mention that for twelve we always start writing the 1 followed by 2 and not the other way round (21). These are the pages we worked out.


  • The children practiced the formation of 12 using the rainbow technique.
  • They also counted 12 tiny orange paper cutouts and glued them into a wicker basket in their Malta scrapbook.
  • They them practiced the 10 and 2 concept using the numicon shapes and blocks and recorded this in their workbook. They also used the above tools to understand the difference between a small and a big number working out some examples as seen below.

Here are the children counting away their oranges and sticking them on their workbooks.

We will be working with number 12 next week as well.

Number 12 song –




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