Term 3 Week 4 – Writing Letter o

The literacy lessons for this letter were not spread over three days as usual as this happens to be a fairly easy letter to write.

We had only one lesson in which the children identified that this is a caterpillar letter as you curve around it straight away when writing it.  As usual they came up with words starting with o.

They came up with the following oval, on, ostrich, old, over, orange, octopus, otter and Olda.

I also showed the children that this letter can be found in the middle of words such as top, mop, hot, fox, log, stop, crop, shop etc.  It is important to start listening to other sounds in words other than the initial sound only.

The children proceeded to practicing letter o on the interactive whiteboard and then record it in their workbooks.  These are the pages they worked.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter o –

  • I pointed out that the children who write with their right hand have to form the curve towards the hand which holds the workbook.
  • On the other hand the left handed people have to pull the curve towards the arm they are writing with.



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