Term 3 Week 5 – Malta – Part 6 Goats

As you might recall from previous blogs we have spoken about a few animals which are endemic to the Maltese islands such as the hedgehog and the Maltese dog.

This week it was the turn of 2 other animals one of which is the goat.  First they became aware that there are different kinds of goats.


We took a closer look at the Dutch goats known as the Dutch Landrace Goats, the Lake District goats and a few others all of which have very long wool and large horns.  The wool is sheared just like sheep’s wool to make clothes.  These sheep use their horns to protect themselves from other animals.


The Maltese goat on the other hand is much smaller in size.  Its colour is usually white with a black head.  It has droopy ears which turn outwards at the tip.  Each goat, whether Maltese or from another country has a stamp on one of its ears or its back to identify it from the rest since a herd of goats would look all the same.

The children were fascinated when they got to know some of the following goat facts:

  • Goats can jump high and climb trees especially the Moroccan goats.
  • Goats love to eat nearly everything even clothes.
  • It is these animals that might have discovered the coffee beans growing on a plant. After the goats ate the beans the farmers noted a change in their behaviour and started using the beans too.
  • Goat milk is good to drink. In some countries selling goat milk and their wool is a source of income.  Some Maltese farmers keep goats for this purpose.  Their milk is used to produce ricotta cheese.

Here are the video clips that we watched in class and which the children asked me ‘please miss can you put them on the blog so we can also watch them at home?’

Goat Fun Facts


Goats Climbing Trees


The children heard a story which has goats as its main characters.  This was the classic fairy tale of, The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Here is an online version –

Discussion and question time took a different form when instead of the usual questions we played a different version of the telephone game. Each child said a piece of the story they had just watched and heard following what the previous child said.

At the end we ended with a different story altogether.  This showed the children that we are able to create our own stories.

We then watched the story again to see how different or similar our story was to the original one.  The goat topic work ended by each child creating their own goat face.  They first painted a paper plate, after drying up they glued 2 googly eyes, 2 ears, 2 horns and a cotton ball for a beard.

These little creatures now form part of the bulletin board outside our classroom.

Here are the photos of our little artists painting away    🙂




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