Term 3 Week 5 – Malta Part 7 The Maltese Wall Lizard

The second creature we spoke about this week was the Maltese wall lizard.

To help the children understand more about this creature we saw various pictures of lizards living around the world.

They were fascinated by the largest lizard in existence called the Komodo Dragon. They also saw the difference in size between this and the Maltese Lizard.


Lizard Facts

  • Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles.
  • They lay eggs and the Maltese lizard hides its eggs in the rock crevices around it or buried in soil.
  • Lizard eggs have soft shells.
  • Their skin is scaly.
  • They have long tongues which they rapidly extend from their mouth, too fast for human eyes to see properly.
  • They camouflage to their surroundings.
  • Most lizards have like suckers in their little feet so they attach themselves to the walls.
  • The male is green and the female is brown.


I also related the Maltese legend of the Maltese lizards having 2 tales.  The children got to know that lizards shed their tail in battle or when they are accidentally hurt.  They usually grow their tail back.

At times the first tail does not detach itself completely from the body. So it appears that the lizard might have 2 tails.  Usually the two tails fuse together.

These are the video clips we watched in class.

The Komodo Dragon video clip –

The Maltese Wall Lizard –

Lizard eggs hatching –

The lizard song –

Our lizard topic work ended with a cute lizard craft.  We are very proud of the children because they managed to follow several instructions to put the lizard together.

Here are some photos whilst they are creating their little lizard craft.  Later on in the day they also attempted at creating a lizard using playdough.

At the end their imagination took the better of them and they made many other things as well.




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