Term 3 Week 5 – Writing Letter g

By now you got used to the usual routine, that after the topic work we focus on the literacy aspect of the letter of the day.

The children came up with their own words starting with g.  These were some of the words grass, goat, grow, garden, girl, glove, gate, glass, glasses, game, Gabriel and Galea.

Besides doing its formation in the air and on the interactive whiteboard they also practiced writing it on their workbooks.  Here is how the pages looked like.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter g –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • The curve must not be too big or there would not be space for the hook at the bottom.
  • The curve cannot be too small either.
  • Always remember to do the hook at the end or it ends up being another letter altogether.

The children saw this video clips:

The g song –

We then worked an initial sound page which included words starting with g.  This is how the page looked like.




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