Open Day Recap

Dear all,

First of all thank you for your response in sending in various materials so tomorrow’s projects will take place.

I know you have been receiving a lot of information regarding open day which might be overwhelming and at times confusing.

Today Ms. Karen Galea sent you a final email with the details earlier during the day which should clarify what will happen.

So rather than add more information I am going to mention a few main points and then guide you tomorrow when you drop off the children and as the day goes along.

  • Children are to come to school at the usual time wearing their usual summer uniform.
  • You can stay with them too. Grandparents, aunties and uncles are welcome too.
  • The children have to get their school bag with breakfast and a snack if they are eating from the food stalls provided on the grounds. Children will be accompanied to these stalls at an allocated time by our teaching team or by you as their parents with your children.
  • Those children who are not going to be accompanied by parents during the day will be under the team’s supervision. If you want them to eat from the food provided at the stalls please send not more than 10 euros in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and what items you which that your child eats.  If you do not send the items I will ask them and guide them myself.
  • Parking in our grounds would not be available. The Luxol parking area is a good option.
  • School finishes at the usual time.
  • Extra-curricular activities will take place as usual.
  • Please come in comfortable clothes and get a pair of good cutting scissors.


You do not need to send in an old t-shirt, paint brush or your own children’s wellingtons specifically for tomorrow.  This was only intended for the junior sector.

The activities we will be doing in class.  Obviously my team will guide you through the works.

  • Story stones with the help of the little ones. I already explained to them what these are today.
  • 3 sensory wall boards.
    • A Garden Sensory Wall Board
    • A Hand Sensory Wall Board
    • A multi-sensory Board.

All the above might involve gluing different things onto a board, hand painting with the children, tracing objects, cutting paper or foam.

The children are very excited about tomorrow as I explained to them what we are going to do.  So see you all tomorrow and thank you once again    🙂




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