Dentist Outing on Tuesday 22nd May


Dear all,

The highlight of next week is our visit to the dentist.  The children will be shown the importance of cleaning their teeth by dentists who actually work with children.

The talk will be interesting and fun because they will be shown a huge set of teeth and tooth brush, they will see their own teeth on a big monitor, go up on the magic chair as we call it.

Even those who might be scared of the dentist will end up enjoying it. The children will then have their teeth checked.  They will also visit the teeth making lab and this I know will spark many questions.  It does every year    🙂

I will be preparing them for this visit in class and actually show them what the dentist clinic looks like through photos previously taken on location.

In order for them to attend and have their teeth checked you have to fill up the 2 forms Ms. Karen sent you.  If you cannot print them just send them handwritten with your signature by tomorrow as the outing is on Tuesday 22nd May.  I am attaching the email sent by Ms. Karen just in case you did not receive it.

We will also visit the new Pembroke play park as a treat    🙂

Main points for Tuesday

  • Send the children in their full summer uniform including cap.
  • Please apply some sunblock from home.
  • The children have to be at school by not later than 8 am as we have to take them to the bathroom before. We leave school early.
  • Send in their usual breakfast and snack in their school bag along with the red folder.
  • Send in the main lunch in a small duffle bag which they will be carrying along with them on the outing. All items labelled please.
  • No messy items for the main lunch please or any things which might go bad such as yoghurt or milk. These can be included with the breakfast items.
  • If possible send in two drinking bottles as the children might be thirsty at the park.
  • 2 forms have to be sent in by Monday 21st (1 stating of your child is allowed on the outing and the other to give consent for the full mouth check-up).  Refer to Ms. Karen’s attached forms for this.

Dental Visit Outing (May 2018)


Thanks for your constant co-operation.

Ms. Geraldine



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