Term 3 Week 6 – People Who Help Us – Part 1 – Policeman


On Thursday we started a new topic altogether – People who help us in the community and their Vehicles.

We started off by having a brainstorming session.  The children mentioned a list of the people who they thought help us in our everyday lives.  This is what they came up with:

During the discussion these are the major facts which emerged.

  • All jobs are important because each person doing the job will be helping in some way.
  • People have different qualities which make them choose different jobs.
  • It is important to love your job.

We then looked at one of the jobs in particular – the policeman.  We mentioned several characteristics that a policeman might have such as being disciplined, observant, good eyesight, sharp listening skills and physically in shape so he could run if he has to catch a thief.

The children watched a story regarding the job of a policeman.

We mentioned that stealing and hurting other people should not be done and that is the job of the policeman to see that rules are followed to have a safe place to live in.

The children also mentioned that a policeman usually wears a uniform and that a policeman is there to help us and give us direction when needed.

We read the story called Policeman Small by Lois Lenski : Policeman Small by Lois Lenski

We then focused on the vehicles a policeman might drive such as a police car, a motor bike, a helicopter, a segway and last but not least a jeep.

J – jeep was the second letter we introduced this week

However the literacy work on this letter will commence next week.



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