Term 3 Week 6 – Writing Letter b

Letter b was the letter which started off our week.  We followed the usual procedure.

After the popular alphablock  song the children came up with their list of words starting with b such as blue, banana, balloon, beautiful, bag, boat, big, block, bug, bread, bed, bat, Bernard and Bijsmans amongst others.

They realized that this is a one-armed robot letter.

Before starting the writing session I reminded the children of the little trick to use when writing b.  b looks at d.


Other success criteria for writing b:

  • b has a tall back.
  • The tummy cannot be big nor very small.
  • When you go up to start the tummy go up only to the middle that is: a small bounce.  If you put a finger from the hand you don’t write with in the place where you need to stop it will help to get the tummy of the correct size.

The writing section of the lesson consisted of experimenting on the mini whiteboards, practicing the letter formation on the big interactive whiteboard and finally recording it on their workbooks.


We ended the letter b lessons with a mixed page.  The page is the one below.

h k b m.png

Letter b song –




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