Term 3 Week 6 – Malta Part 7 – Boats

This week our attention turned to the marvelous Maltese shoreline. Besides the beautiful sea and the hills beyond we can also sea boats dotting our bays.

The children became aware that there are various types of boats: rowing boats, sailing boats, paddle boat, speed boats, ships, cargo ships and last but not least cruise liners.  They have a particular shape all starting with a pointy front part called the bow.

This has this shape to help the boat move forward in the water.  The back part is called the stern.  They saw all the above types of boats in the informative book called Brilliant Boats.  This book was written by Tony Mitton and Ant Parker.

We also discussed what distinguishes each one example the rowing boats needs the oars to be rowed along, the sailing boat needs its sails so the wind blows through them and its ropes for its direction to be changed.

They realised that there were common factors between all such as all need some type of anchor, a safety jacket, ropes etc.

However one particular boat did not feature in this book our traditional Maltese luzzu. The children became aware of the 7 different vibrant colours which characterize this vessel mainly blue, yellow, red, orange, green, white and brown.

From the video clips they watched they noticed that each luzzu boat has an eye painted on the bow side.  This dates back to the time of the Phoenician and is believed to protect the fisherman from other seafarers with bad intentions such as stealing the fish or from the rough seas they might encounter.  Each boat is also given a name.

The luzzu is used by fisherman for their work where they go out at seas to catch fish and then sell them at one of the typical Maltese villages called Marsaxlokk.  This is not an easy life to lead as they send days on end out at sea at times in rough weather and seas.

These are the videos they watched to understand how a typical Maltese luzzu looks like and what our shore line might look like.

Last but not least they clapped and created a beat to the traditional Maltese song called Lanca Gejja which refers to the trips done by the boats from one part of the island to the other.

Lanca Gejja song –


The craft we thought of this week was a fun boat craft which the children played with after they finished it since they could swivel it from side to side like a rowing boat.  As you will see from the pictures the children are now able to follow more complex instructions and their fine motor skills have developed further in that they can grab very small items whilst putting together their little creations.


Last but not least they also understood that boats are not only used for work but also to relax in by going on a trip round our shores or crossing over to Gozo on one of the big Gozo Channel ships.

Other people actually live on boats such as Cosmo the Cat in the story below.

Cosmo the Boat Cat:



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