Term 3 Week 7 – Number 15

During this week we worked with number 15 as well.

This is another number which I consider to be tricky just like 11 and 13, because you don’t write the numerals as you sound them.

So I use the usual trick of distorting the words for them to understand and then fix it.  I say five….teen and then then they correct me.   As usual we placed 15 in its place on a number line 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and carefully listened to the words we use whilst saying this number.

15 numicon.jpg

Number 15 song –

Counting 1 – 15 | Children’s song for learning to count [numbers & counting]

As usual the children had a rotation system where they counted various objects up to 15, such as buttons, toys, numicon shapes and interlocking blocks.  We then did hands on activities where the children had to use the rainbow technique to form 15.

Then they had to colour in a police badge and count and stick 15 stars on the police badge.  (Work done on number scrapbook 2).

The children were made aware that there is a special number which we can call if we really need the police to help us.  This is number 112.

However we cannot use it play a joke or be funny but call only when someone is badly hurt and that person cannot talk to us.





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