Term 3 Week 7 – The Miracle of the 2 fish and the 5 loaves

The religion lesson we chose for this week goes hand in hand with the community feeling we are transmitting to the children.

The story is Jesus and the miracle of the loaves and the fish.  The boy who had the 5 loaves and the 2 fish was kind enough to give them to Jesus believing that Jesus could do something with them.

Not only did the boy have faith in Jesus but he was ready to share with all the community the little he had.

Just like the boy in the story we can also help and share with our friends and family in our little ways.  We all came up with different ideas of how we can do this.  Here is the outcome:

  • Sharing a toy in class with our friend.
  • Smiling and hugging our mummy if she is sad.
  • Carrying one of the bags when we are at a grocery store.
  • Helping daddy to wash the car.
  • Cleaning our room.
  • Removing our little plate from the kitchen table.
  • Help wipe the dishes.
  • Help hang the laundry.

The moral behind this story is that when we are kind and share, God makes these small efforts big, just like when Jesus changed the small amount of food the boy had, to a meal for the entire crowd present.

When we give, it is like magic we get something back in return without even knowing it.  Sharing and being kind makes the other person happy, but even we feel happy inside.


The lesson came to an end with the children colouring in the loaves and the fish which were then assembled together and put into a basket.

They are all hanging on one of our bulletin boards opposite the class with our motto written on each one – sharing is caring.

This is the message given to the children who do not follow the religion lesson but still put together their own little craft.






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