Term 3 Week 7 – Writing Number 14

The first number we worked with during week 7 was number 14.

As usual we first saw where this number stands on a number line 12, 13, 14, 15 and carefully listened to the words we use whilst saying this number, e.g.  teen means that such a number is always written with a 1 first then the 4 follows.

I really emphasize this so the children won’t write the 4 first and then the 1 thus 41.  Later on in the coming years they will start understanding that this changes the value of the number totally.

As usual the children counted various objects up to 14, such as buttons, toys, numicon shapes, craft sticks and interlocking blocks.




We then did hands on activities where the children had to glue 14 fish under the Maltese luzzu and colour them in.  They also used the rainbow technique to form number 14.  (Work was done on number scrapbook 2).

Besides practicing the formation of number 14 more emphasis was put on counting skills where the children had to draw the balls representing the numicon shapes for 10 and 4.

They also practiced the concept of what comes next.  They could use the number line provided on the same page if they could not recall the number from memory.  Here are the pages.

Song used with number 14 –




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