Water Play Session

Dear all,

On Friday the pre-junior classes will have a water play activity as part of our current topic work.

The children will be exploring water volume, full and empty, floating properties of objects through play.

They will be using the yacht craft we did today in class.  For this reason on Friday 1st June please send in

  • A small towel.
  • Their beach shoes or flip flops
  • A change of uniform or other change of clothes including panties, vest and socks just in case they get wet and we need to help them change. Each item has to be labelled.
  • An extra plastic bag for any wet clothes.

Important – Friday 1st June is a normal school day.  Children have to come in their usual summer uniform.

We will be putting on their aprons so that they do not get wet as much as possible.  They will also change into their beach shoes.

If they do get wet we will help them change into the set of clothes you will send in.  The items I asked for above can go in their normal school bag.



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