Term 3 Week 8 – Number 17 – Part 1

Number 17 was the next number on our number line for this week.

We went through the usual routine of seeing the pattern in numbers on the number line for the first 20 numbers.

We then proceeded to the numicon shapes which make up 17:

17 numicon.jpg

The children pretended to be the numicon shapes themselves and formed the above value.

Obviously they had to count up to 17 as well.  As usual I emphasized not to forget our tricky numbers out 11, 12, 13 and 15.

They also watched the following video clip – Sesame Street: Lucky Number 17

We could not forget the sesame number 17 song which has now become synonymous with our numeracy lessons.

As part of their hands on activities the children had to use the rainbow technique to form 17 on their number scrapbook.  They also had to count 17 hearts and glue them around the vet taking care of the pet on the following page.

The writing skills pages will be done next week.




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