Term 3 Week 8 – Writing Letter v

The literacy lessons about letter v focused on other words which start with v besides vet.

The children came up with various words such as vest, van, violin, vase, vegetables, violet, and voice. We also practiced the v formation in the air and in sand as well as using bottle caps and large flashcards.

The children recorded this letter in their People Who Help Us Workbook 1. Here is how the pages looked like.


This letter is one of the four letters forming the zig zag monster letters because there are slanting lines in its formation.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter v –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • You slant down the slide.
  • Stop, don’t lift hand but go up the hill.
  • There are no round parts in v.
  • There are no straight lines either.
  • V has only one point at the bottom.

The children saw two video clips:

The v song –

Jolly phonic – Letter v –

After the children were ready with practicing letter v they had a special page where we blended three words – yes, van and vet and then the children coloured in the page.




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