Term 3 Week 8 – Writing Letter w

Letter w is the second zig zag monster letter which we looked at.

It is very common that the children mix this up with the letter v at first.  So I emphasize that w has two points at the bottom whilst v as we saw during the previous week has only one.

The following are the words the children came up with starting with w: window, wall, watch, witch, wind, wand, win, work, when, where, why, what, white and whale.

Besides doing its formation in the air, on the interactive whiteboard and in sand they also formed it using craft sticks.  Finally they practiced writing it on their workbooks.  Here is how the pages looked like:


Success Criteria to be able to write letter w –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • It is like writing 2 v’s stuck together.
  • There are no straight lines in this letter.
  • This letter is special because it has two points at the bottom..

After finishing the letter w pages the children also worked a mixed page where they had to match the letters v and w to pictures which start with these two sounds.

v w.png

Here are some photos during the various letter w activities carried out in class.

This is another video clip the children watched in relation to letter w.




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