Term 3 Week 9 – People Who Help Us – Doctors and Nurses – X-Rays

One of the topics for this week was doctors and nurses with particular reference to X-Rays.

We spoke about how these special people help us get better when we feel sick.  Two students in class were very proud to mention that their mummy was in fact a doctor and a radiographer (a person who takes X-Rays)   🙂

We spoke about some characteristics that a doctor and a nurse need to have, such as they have to be patient, kind, very attentive to the feelings of their patient, able to work long hours even during the night.

We spoke about the fact that although at times we might be afraid to go to the doctor because he/she might give us an injection these people are our friends and what they do is for our best.  We also spoke about a trick we can use if we are scared of the injection.

  • First of all we look the other side and not at the injection.
  • We can take our favourite toy to the doctor’s and show it how brave we are.
  • We imagine something that we really like for example playing with this favourite toy or eating something yummy.
  • With the other hand we hold on tight to mummy’s or daddy’s hand.
  • In no time the injection is over.

We also spoke about the medicine that the doctor gives us which unfortunately does not have a pleasant taste.

So we came up with another trick – that of pinching the bridge of our noses, open our mouths very wide and gulp down the medicine very hard.

We can always take a glass of water after.  The medicine given to us only makes us better.   These are the video clips we watched:

Story for preschool children about going to the doctor –

Going to the doctor song –

At times we also go to the doctor because we would have broken a bone from falling.  When this happens a special photo of our bone has to be taken to see which part of it is broken.  This is done with an X-Ray machine.

After which they would have a special cast made from plaster placed over the broken bone so that it can heal properly.

The children watched a video clip of a small boy who already had a cast on his arm but needed to go for an x-ray check up to see if he was healing well.

Video Clip – Having an X-Ray –

We had a lovely first hand experience of Jeanmarie’s mummy who came to school to explain about her job.  The children learnt very interesting facts such as

  • Why we have bones
  • Which is the largest bone in our body – (Femur – the thigh bone)
  • The smallest bone is found in our ear
  • When we happen to break a bone it is called a fracture which will heal.

The children saw different X-Rays of the arm, hand, skull, neck, parts of the foot and they tried to guess which part of the body these belonged to.  They also had the opportunity to hold different sized bones in their hands. The children learned what is the appropriate food to take, to have healthy bones:

  • White milk
  • White yoghurt
  • Fish
  • Cheese
  • Green vegetables

Regular exercise helps keep the bones healthy too.

The children coloured in a picture which Ms. Maria brought along for the Pre-Junior classes.  (They brought it home to show it to you).  They also created a craft where they printed their hand onto a black cardboard using white paint and white chalk.  This is found hanging outside our class room door for all of you to see.



We spoke about the vehicles that the doctors might use for their work.  We mentioned a normal car to go to the clinic or hospital where they work.

The nurse might have to go in an ambulance to the place where a patient needs to be taken care of.

If we need an ambulance we have to call 112.  However I emphasized that we do not do this for nothing.

If someone happens to be sick or fall first we look out for another adult nearby such as dad, mum, granny etc.  If we are alone with that person and we try and touch them but they are not answering or moving and there is no other adult around, it is then that we have to call the ambulance. (Reminded them of the emergency nurse visit we had earlier in the week).

This led us to the other letter of week x-ray.  More detail found in the literacy blog section.

PS – I will only be able to upload Ms. Maria’s visit photos, the children during the visit and the crafts related to this topic when all the GDPR papers are handed in to the IT Office.




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