Visit by an Emergency Nurse Worker


Besides being a short week for the children it was an intense and interesting one because we had two parents coming in to talk to us about their jobs which go hand in hand with the topic we are currently doing – People who help us in our community.

The first visitor of the week was a mum from Ms. Stef’s class who brought along an ambulance to school for all the pre-junior classes to see.  They saw how the stretcher is pulled down from the ambulance.

All those who wanted a go went up on the stretcher.  They even pretended to be emergency nurse workers by trying the special jacket and protective helmet that these professionals wear when they are on duty.

Ms. Ingrid then visited every pre-junior class and gave a simple yet very effective presentation.  She explained that we should all remember a very important number 112.




This is the emergency number we need to call when someone is badly hurt.  (This number is there to call the police or the fire department too.  I had discussed the latter with the kids when the warden came over the previous week).  Under no circumstance should we call 112 for any other reason.

  • We should call 112 only if the injured person is not answering us.
  • Try and seek adult help as well.
  • We should listen very attentively to the questions being asked by the emergency worker, be brave and answer them as best we can.

Ms. Ingrid then gave a demonstration of what should we do when we have minor injuries at home.

  • If we have a nose bleed we have to pinch the bridge of our nose and put our head down.
  • If our hand or leg bleed slightly we should not panic or be scared. We just get a clean dish cloth, towel or tissue and press it on the bleeding part.  Then seek adult help.  It is important to remember not to play with anything pointy or which might break such as glass.
  • We should never touch things which are hot such as a hot kettle or a pot. But if we do so by accident we should put the slightly burned area such as the hand under cold runny water.
  • If we are stung by a jelly fish we ask our relatives for a credit card and scrape lightly or the sting. Then we apply some vinegar on it.

The children were then shown how to apply a bandage as well as how to place an unconscious person in a recovery position.  Always seek adult help after.


I have a lot of lovely photos of the children doing hands on activities such as bandaging as well as placing each other in the recovery position.  However I cannot blog them before all the parents and guardians fill in the GDPR email or the equivalent paper some received, to authorise the uploading of the children’s photos on the blog.




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