Catch up time ! – Writing Number 17 – part 2

During the numeracy lessons for week 9 we continued working with number 17.  First we revised the material done the week before and sang some songs related to it. (See previous blog).

The children counted various objects making up 17.  They also sequenced number flashcards and finally proceeded to recording them in their workbooks.  Here are the pages we worked:


Number practice ideas and games

Now that summer is very close you can revise the numbers with your children in a fun way.

  • Write the numbers on small pebbles. Hide them in the sand along with other pebbles without the numbers written on them.  Then take it turns to dig them out.  Who gets the most pebbles with numbers written on them wins   🙂
  • Get some fish foam cutouts or make them yourselves, write a number on each one ranging from 1-20. Attach a small key ring to each one.  Put them in a tub with water.  Get a small bamboo stick and attach a small magnet at one end.  Let them fish away to their hearts content.
  • The children can make triangle cut outs and attach them to a craft stick. They can write the numbers 1-20 on them and then they can flag them on one of their sand castles near the beach.
  • They can use all the above to sequence them.


Enjoy   🙂




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