Term 3 Week 10 – Zoom away Airplanes and Pilots


We started our week by looking at the profession of a pilot.  The children became aware that pilots have to be responsible people because on board their plane they would be carrying a good number of people.

However they can fly other types of planes which carry food and other goods from one country to another.  Whatever type of airplane they fly there are words which are used for all.

The children got a taste of these words: turbine engines, wings of a plane, the tail of a plane, the nose of a plane, cockpit, luggage compartment, steward, air hostess, airport, departure, landing, runway, hanger, engineer etc.

The children watched two video clips related to this topic.  One is a book called Planes Fly where the children got familiar the language mentioned above.  The other story talks about going on an airplane from a child’s perspective.

Planes Fly –

Caillou Flies on a Plane

The children created their own little airplane out of a clothes peg and two craft sticks which they decorated to their hearts content.  They pretended to be pilots and fly their planes during PE time    🙂

All these planes make a loud sound when the engines are warmed up for takeoff.  They all make a zoom sound.  This led us to the letter associated with this profession z-zooommmm.  More information is found in the literacy section.


This song accompanied our topic too




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