Term 3 Week 9 – Writing Letter x

I reminded the children that there are only a few words in English which start with this letter sound.  Sometimes instead of saying the letter sound we even use the letter name such as in xylophone.

The children watched this video clip to see that letter x can be placed in other places as well in a particular word.

The Letter X Song” by ABCmouse.com –

The jolly phonic letter x song –

We emphasized words that finish with x such as box, fox, six, mix, fix.  The students practiced their writing skills on their workbook.  Here are the pages.


The children used craft sticks to form x and wrote it on the whiteboard.  They crafted an x craft using black cardboard, white paint for the shape of their little hand to mimic an x-ray, and white chalk to write x.  They finally blended some words which had letter x in them in our blending page.

Photos of work done with this letter will be uploaded when we get the go ahead from the IT office.





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