Term 3 Week 10 – People Who Help Us – Lawyers

As you all know we currently having parents come in to talk to us about various professions and how they help in the community.  In fact this week we had another special visitor to our class.  Josehiry’s mum from Pre-Junior C came over to speak about children’s rights and how as an immigration lawyer she ensures that their rights are protected.

She showed the children that a lawyer is responsible to check that everyone’s rights are respected according to the law.  They therefore help people to work out what might have gone wrong such as when two people are involved in a car crash, when people are arrested by the police for doing something wrong.  A lawyer helps people when they migrate from one country to another or to set up a business.

She introduced the concept that children have rights that need to be respected and protected. These are the right to be safe, to have access to education and health services, to have healthy food and clean water and the right to play.

She used this child friendly clip to help explain the concept to the children. She also hinted without going into much detail that in some countries, not all these rights are protected and some children do not have clothes, homes, clean drinking water or access to health services or schooling.

We then spoke about why people move from one country to another:

  • Some people emigrate because they have found a job in other countries.
  • Others migrate for the experience of living in a different place.
  • People might go to live elsewhere because of health reasons. The climate might be too hot or too cold for them.
  • Some people emigrate because of necessity. The place where they live in is not safe.
  • People might want to live elsewhere so their children’s rights will be better respected.

All this made us aware that it is not easy to leave a country and go to a strange land no matter how better it might be in the long run.  There are new rules and laws to be respected.  Thus it is important welcoming new children to our class should anyone join us in the middle of the year, playing with them and helping them understand the rules and routines of the classroom.

We looked at ways and means of getting from one country to another such as cars, trains, buses and airplanes.  Others might not even have these means of transportation so they move from one place to another on foot.  To do all this we need special travelling equipment such as valid tickets, passports, ID cards and appropriate clothes for the climate we will be living in..

This talk was very well put together in a way that the children at such a tender age can understand and relate to.  It helped them appreciate how lucky they are to have a supporting family both at home and at school.

This talk also helped them understand that they need to be sensitive to the needs and realities of others that they might encounter in their lives.

Last but not least, it is important for the children to understand that they have rights and how lucky they are to live in a country and in families that uphold and respect their rights.




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