Term 3 Week 10 – Writing number 19

The first number for this week was number 19.  It was associated with the pilots and airplanes topic.

After the usual drill of singing up to 20 song, writing it in the air, looking at the numicon shapes which make up this number (10 and 9) and counting 19 beans, the children did the rainbow formation and stuck 19 tiny circles for windows onto the airplane picture found in their number scrapbook 2.

19 numicon.jpg



The children also drew the numicon shapes on bank sheets of paper counting till 20 in the process.  They also counted beans and various other objects.  Last but not least they worked out two other pages on their workbooks which were the following.


Success Criteria for counting bigger numbers properly

  • Usually I tell the children not to talk in a sing song manner. However I tell them that whilst they count they can stretch the number so there would be a pause between a number and another.  Or else they would easily skip one.
  • They have to look at their work at all times whilst counting.
  • They have to use the cutting technique to avoid repeating a number twice.

Song associated with this number is:





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