Term 3 Week 10 – Questions and Father’s Day


Apologies – forgot to post this blog last weekend!

Our work is nearing an end so during topic work we spoke about how many questions we have posed since the beginning of the year.  We pointed out that it is very good to ask questions because that shows we are interested and inquisitive.

However there are rules to follow when asking questions.

  • The questions have to match the topic at hand. If we are talking and asking questions about food we cannot pose questions like, “Where are we going abroad this summer?”
  • Not all questions can be answered.
  • We have to wait for our turn to ask a question not ask over someone else. That would be rude.

When we grow older we can look up answers in books and on the computer too.  These media contain endless answers to many questions.  Answers might be around us, we just need to keep our eyes and ears open.

However I mentioned that at this point in their lives they ask questions to their teachers, grandparents, friends, mum and last but not least to their dad.

These are all people who love us very much and are ready to give us a proper answer if they can.  We associated this with Father’s Day.  We said no matter if we live with our dad or not he loves us very much and he is ready to answer the endless amount of questions we might have.  The children watched a sweet story called, A Perfect Father’s Day by Eve Bunting.

They also watched another lovely story called I Love Dad written by Giles Andrej

We explored what special things each and every one of them can do with their dad to show him that they love him.  They mentioned many things such as give him a hug, help him wash the car, play together with toys, go to the beach together or at the park, read a story together,  draw a picture for him, tickle him etc.

We ended our Father’s day and question topic by creating a card which I hope you enjoyed.  The children loved putting it together.

They also created a little memento out of modelling clay with their little finger imprint for you to cherish. (It is stuck on the card and I hope it arrived home in one piece)   🙂





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