Term 3 Week 11 – Number 20

The last number for this year is 20 which was associated with the questions topic we might ask around when we are interested in something.

After the usual drill of singing up to 20 song, writing it in the air, and looking at the numicon shape which pertain to this number, the children proceeded to counting beans and buttons.  They also worked in groups to draw 20 circles onto a piece of cardboard using the numicon shapes as a template.


The children also worked out these last pages on their number scrapbook and their People Who Help workbooks which they will be getting home on Monday.

Scrapbook pages – They used the rainbow technique for the 20 formation.  They also counted and stuck 20 very tiny questions marks on the adjacent blank.


People Who Help workbook pages:

For page 22 they had to use the cutting technique to count the various objects.  Then they had to compare the amounts by using the number line provided and circle the bigger number.


The children also sang and moved to the following song:




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