Term 3 Week 11 – Writing Letter q

Letter q is the last alphabet letter that we tackled this week.  This was associated with questions we might ask to the people around us especially our dads.

The children were very enthusiastic to come up with their own words starting with the letter q.  The words they came up with were the following: queen, queue, quilt, quit, question and question mark.  They also watched the following video clips:


I reminded them that q does not stand alone but it always holds hands with letter u as in queen.

As usual they formed this letter in the air, on the interactive whiteboard and in sand.  Finally they practiced writing it on their workbooks.  Here is how the pages looked like:


Success Criteria for writing letter q

  • We start at the top.
  • We then curve.
  • Go up.
  • Go down in a straight line
  • Stop and kick.

Remember that the curve cannot be very big or very small.  The kick is small not very big.

Besides playing some games which included letter q on the interactive whiteboard and looking for the letter q in their class library books they also worked a mixed page.





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