Final Week – Important Reminders

Dear all,

These are some final points pertaining to the last week of school


  • Progress report – I have sent home the display file with the last two reports.  The first report gathers the progress done during the In the Garden and Malta themes. The last and final report shows the progress done during the last theme People Who Help Us and an overview of your child’s learning journey through the year.  Please send it in by tomorrow 25th June as we have to photocopy the reports for admin purposes and send them back to you once again at the very end.


  • Graduation – Tuesday 26th June is our awaited graduation day.  Children are to come to school as usual latest 8 am with their summer uniform and appropriate socks and shoes.  Graduation will take place at 11.30 am. You are then asked to come to class to collect your children’s belongings.  The children can come with you too.


  • Fun Games – Wednesday 27th June is our fun water games day as per Ms. Karen’s email.  I am attaching it below just in case you did not receive it.


  • Last day of school – the last day of school will be Thursday 28th June.  We shall be having the end of school party on the day.  Please refer to Ms. Karen’s email attached below.  The children are expected to come to school as usual 8 o’clock latest.  They are to come in casual clothes.  The fee being collected to cover party expenses and food is that of Eur8. Kindly send the money enclosed in a labelled envelope by Tuesday 26th.


  • Stationery Items – During the past week we have been returning items for you to keep home, crafts, pencils, play dough etc. Next week we will return some more items.  Please make sure that you send in the red folder with the red copybook but without the other items we already sent home inside.


Thank you for your constant co-operation.


Ms Karen’s Email



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