Last 2 Presentations – Life Guards & Scientist in Class


During the last two weeks of schooling we had another two lovely presentations from parents in our class.

We had Mr. and Mrs. Mcdonald who came in to show use what safety measures we have to take and look out for when we are at the beach and out at sea.   They showed the children equipment that needs to be used such as how to put on a life jacket, how a rope is used to pull someone out of the water when in difficulty, why the life guard blows the whistle from time to time.

The children got to know that the universal colours used by the lifeguards all over the world are red and yellow.

The children even played a flag game where a few children held up the coloured flags used to give warning at the beach such as a yellow flag, a green flag, a blue flag, a purple flag and a red flag.  The presenters mentioned what each one is associated with and the children having that particular flag lifts it up.


The second presentation was carried out by Mr. Vella, Neil’s dad.  He explained the importance and relevance of science in today’s world.  How all of us are little scientists in our own way.

They were shown the lab coat, the safety glasses, the protective gloves, the pipette, flask, the wash bottle used in a laboratory.  He stressed the importance of safety during experimentation time.  It is important that whichever experiments are carried out at this age they are done under adult supervision.

The Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

He then carried out the Elephant toothpaste experiment which the children really enjoyed watching.  Here is an online version of the experiment:

The Volcano Experiment

He then carried out a simpler experiment where all the children could participate in groups on their respective tables.  The children got to handle plastic beakers, plastic pipettes, plastic wash bottles etc.  They carried out the volcano experiment using plastic cups, baking soda, vinegar, food colouring and water.  Here is an online version of the experiment carried out by a young boy   :).

We had the cups instead of the volcano and put the ingredients all in one container.

The children enjoyed playing little scientists where they measured and mixed different ingredients together and saw the small child friendly chemical reactions that happen afterwards.  They were awarded a little scientist badge which they proudly wore all day and the got home.  You can always replicate them at home with your little ones using the video clips above.

Thanks once again to the parents who contributed to the above successful presentations.  I also take this opportunity to thank all those parents who came forward and carried out interesting talks and presentations in the past few weeks.




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