Who Am I?

who am i

Dear all,

As you know every year the school chooses a theme around which all our activities unfold.

I am forwarding an email sent to us by Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian asking for:

  • Your child’s input in building the theme for the next scholastic year.
  • By sending in a very short presentation of your child/children at the school on the theme “Who Am I?”
  • This snapshot of everyone will help them put together this theme.
  • I encourage you to send in a short very simple presentation so this could happen. Thus the children once again will feel part of the so valued school ethos “we are a one big family”.
  • Please send in your child’s contribution by the 15th of July.
  • Presentations have to be sent to Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian via email details found below.



Dear Parent/s and Students,

Good afternoon.  I trust that you are well although the end of the year brings with it the fatigue of exams or assessment times (for the older students) and the simple fatigue of the end of the year and the heat that starts visiting us.

We are currently mulling over the theme for next year (as you are aware, we choose a Theme which governs the life of the School over the academic year) and to this effect, we require the help of the students (and in the case of the younger students, that of the Parents).  

We have a project in mind but for this to materialise, we need EVERY student at our School to prepare a presentation on himself/herself.  This presentation can be a short video clip, a story, a paragraph with images etc. It should include elements such as basic information like age, class, name and surname and family composition.  

But the focus should be on talents, fears and joys, dreams and hopes – essentially, what makes that person unique.  So fundamentally, this would be a presentation with the focus on “Who am I?”

We want to get to know our students more intimately (in as much as they want to divulge obviously) because this will help us in the planning of our year with them.

So we would appreciate it if you (as a student, or with the parents’ help if the child is young or cannot work on it on his/her own) would work on it and send us this clip, story, paragraph etc by not later than the 15th July. Kindly send this via email to me on sue.midolo@stcatherines.eu and to Mr. Brian on brian.gauci@stcatherines.eu with a subject caption of the email saying “Presentation of  ……. (name and surname of child and class next year)”.

We look forward to receiving your email!


Ms.Sue Midolo & Mr. Brian Gauci




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