Sports Day

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Dear all,

Hope this note finds you well and that you are enjoying a well-deserved rest with your loved ones.

As you might recall Ms. Karen Galea sent you an email regarding the Giochi Senza Frontiere Sports Day event to be held on the 4th of May.

Although you will be handing in the participation form on the first day of school I need to know as from now who is going to attend so I will be able to set the groups and thus be able to start training as soon as we start school.

Till now I have only received 3 confirmations. Could you kindly let me know via email if your child is participating?

On receipt of all the responses

  • I can issue the coloured t-shirt assigned to each group that the children need to bring in for the day
  • As well as some smaller items that they might need for one of the races. It is another fun experience not to be missed   🙂


Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine




Thank You and Happy Easter


Dear all,

On behalf of my team I would like to thank you for the scrumptious gifts you gave us.  We really appreciate it!

We want to take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed and restful Easter.


Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine



Parents’ Day Outcome

Dear parents and guardians,

It was a pleasure meeting you all and discussing the progress and wellbeing of your children.

Thank you for all the positive feedback I received about our pre-junior B team.  Very much appreciated.



Ms. Geraldine and the Pre-Junior B Team



San Anton Gardens and The Box Outing

We started our day with breakfast after which we departed for San Anton Gardens.

The children explored the gardens under strict supervision to look for different patterns and insects they became familiar with in the past few weeks.

Out came the magnifying glasses which they had to share in twos.

Some found ants; others took a closer look at the leaves and the flower patterns.   Some looked at the roots jutting out of the ground which by time have done permanent cracks even in the flooring of the grounds.

We saw the effects of the water drops dripping into the pond.  We also saw cats, ducks, turtles and swans.

The children enjoyed their lunch in the open air.  They sat on the picnic mats we took with us and chatted away about all the things they saw.

They were excited to part for our next destination – The Box in Mosta.

The class was divided in two groups where one group experimented with various rhythms on the drums provided.  The other half of the class had to move according to the beat provided.

This takes a lot of concentration and listening skills, both of which are very important for the children of their age.   They mimicked various animal beats such as the horse galloping slowly and fast.

They created their own beat to which the rest had to clap.  In the middle of the session the children changed roles.

After this experience they were totally exhausted and most of them slept on our way back to school.

Below you can find the photos taken on this occasion.




Foreign Student

As you might have noticed we currently have a student intern as part of our class core.

His name is Mr. Linus Liffner from Sweden.  He is currently in his fourth year of studies to become an assistant teacher in the early years.

He will then further his studies to become a teacher.  He will be staying with us for 3 weeks to observe and help out in class duties.

He had to conduct a presentation to the whole class as part of his internship.  He did this during the week and I must say the children were really interested in the topic presented.

Mr. Linus spoke about Sweden, the traditions of its people and the special characteristics that make it special.