Well done to all !

well done

Dear children,

I wanted to tell you all in class but some of you were sick.

The pre-junior B team and myself are very proud of all the hard work and effort you put into our endless rehearsals!

Each and every one of you looked fantastic on stage and I am sure your parents and relatives are proud of you as we are.

Below are some behind the scene pictures we managed to take whilst trying out the costumes.


Ms.  Geraldine, Ms. Corinne and Ms. Stefania.



Last Few Reminders – Rehearsal Day and Concert Day


  • Tomorrow the children have to come to school in costume since we have our full dress rehearsal. (We will be taking them up to St. Agatha Rabat and back to school again).  School finishes at the usual time.
  • They have to be dressed in the clothes I asked for underneath their costume such as polo necks, tights, school shoes etc.
  • The girls can put on a hint of make-up such as lip gloss and eyeliner.
  • The children need to wear a cosy winter jacket on top of everything. This can also be their school jacket. (All labelled please).
  • All those who did not send in their battery operated candle please send it in tomorrow. We need it for the rehearsal.  (This has to be labelled).
  • The children can be given a breakfast snack, a main lunch and a snack. (Like usual).
  • However please avoid sending milk and yogurts or any messy food as we want to avoid dirtying the costumes on rehearsal day. The main lunch can be put in a small bag so we take it with us. The rest of the things will remain in their normal school bag for when we come back.

Concert Day – Wednesday 13th December

  • On Wednesday the children have to be at St. Agatha at 9.15am in full costume. It is very important that you are on time as we need to sort out props with the children and help them settle down.  Show will last 2 hours.
  • Please take into consideration that there won’t be any parking on the premises of St. Agatha Grounds. You need to find parking in the streets around the premises.  So take this into account when planning your journey.
  • For directions please follow the link below – St. Agatha’s is marked as St Paul’s Missionary College


  • When you arrive there will be someone to greet you at the foyer to show you where to take the children.
  • Please send a light snack for the children to eat and their usual drink whilst we are waiting for our turn.
  • Children have to be picked up from the classroom assigned to us on the day not from the auditorium. Usually the class assigned would be on the right hand side of the foyer on ground level. We will show you on the day.
  • Hope you bought the tickets for the show as no tickets will be sold at the door. All the children are enthusiastic to show you what they have learnt.  Hope you will like the concert    🙂

Ms. Geraldine



Christmas Concert – Note 5 – Hairstyles

Dear all,

These are the hairstyles needed for the following children:


  • Alice (Martina) – Hair down (I have the headband).


  • Queen (Emmalene) – Hair has to be pulled back in a bun. (I have the crown).
  • The flowers – (Giannina, Adaya, Maha, Zara, Emily). Hair has to pulled in a bun (I have their headbands).
  • Chesire Cat – (Sophie) – Hair has to be pulled back in a bun too as she will have a headpiece.

All boys – Their usual hairstyles because they all have headpieces as you could see from the costumes I sent home.

  • IMPORTANT – The rabbits have velcro stuck on the back of their jackets please do not remove.
  • Please refer to the previous blogs for you to see what the children have to wear on rehearsal day (Tuesday 12th December) and on concert day (Wednesday 13th December) under their costumes.
  • Please send a warm jacket for them to wear on top of everything. It is very important that these are all labelled.
  • Refer to previous concert blogs (four in all) to see what other things the children have to get with them.
  • Presenters please go through the lines I gave you   🙂   (I know you know it).
  • I have hats and other bits and bobs so don’t worry if they weren’t in their costume bag.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries.

Ms. Geraldine  🙂



Christmas Cards

xmas cards

Dear all,

I was approached by a couple of parents regarding the Christmas card activity of sending a card to our friends in class.

This is the way we will go about it so everyone will have a fair share of cards and not be left out.

  • Each child will decorate a card at home with their own special drawing.
  • With your help and guidance the child will write his or her name in the “from” section example

To my friend in Pre- Junior B.

  • It should be addressed to all the class like so:

From Geraldine

IMP: If there are any children who want to give any other additional cards to their friends they have to give a card to each child in class thus avoiding any disappointment for those who might not receive any.

Ms. Geraldine   🙂



Good Deeds No. 3

good deed

Dear all,

Today we spoke about another good deed that of playing with another person in class especially if that person is alone or not one of our close friends.

The children tried to imagine how they feel if they cannot play with their friends.  We mentioned that they should make an effort and try and play with their brothers, sisters, cousins if they have any.

This will make the other person happy as well as be happy themselves.

Play is very important for every child because through play we learn new things.  Putting away the toys we play with in the appropriate place is also very important because then we will be able to find them again the next time we decide to play with them.

The story of the snowman below shows the importance of making an effort and playing with others.

The children who need to get the items for the reverse advent calendar tomorrow Thursday 7th December are the following :

  • Giannina
  • Sophie
  • Zara
  • Isaac
  • Mattia



Good Deed No. 2

Good Deed No 2

Today was our second day of using the reverse advent calendar.  Thank you for your co-operation in sending in the items for the needy.

It is really helping the children understand that they are lucky people but there are other people who need our help.

Tomorrow it is the day of the following children to send in one item of non-perishable foods.

  • Gabriel
  • Joshua
  • Floyd
  • Oldrich
  • Adaya

Our circle time story today was called Lily and the Snowman.  In this story we saw how Lily becomes friends with a snowman who was lonely.

We developed the idea that it feels good to have friends with whom you can play, talk and share ideas and other things such as toys and books.

We have to take care of our friends and be nice to them in the way we talk. We cannot call them names such as stupid or say they are not our friends.

We also need to have nice hands and nice feet and not kick and push or be rough.

We have to be friends with our relatives at home too.  So when our mum, dad, grandma, granddad tell us to do something we don’t stamp our feet and say no or sulk.

We have to make an extra effort to take care of our friends at home too because these are our family.  So today please remind them of the following story below and the moral behind it.


Pyjama Day!

Another fun day at school marks our calendar on Monday 4th December.

It is PYGAMA DAY!  This event has been organized by the Parents’ Involvement Committee (PIC) in aid of raising funds for the School’s Gardening Project which we will be benefiting too.

All children are encouraged to come to school wearing their comfortable pyjamas or onesie for the day.

Each child is requested to donate 50c for this event.  If you can, please send them in an envelope because if they are left in the folder they could easily be lost.  I will be collecting this money myself.

Even the teachers are joining in the fun. We are coming to school in our pj’s too!   🙂