Animal Awareness And The Multi-Activity Marathon


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another two exciting events are happening next week at school as per school calendar.  Animal Awareness Day and the Multi Marathon Activity amalgamated as one will take place on Tuesday 7th November.

These two events are very popular with the students.   The younger ones are most especially fond of the former event as children in general love animals.

I am attaching the circular that Ms. Georgina our events coordinator sent out to you parents just in case you did not receive it for your perusal.

  • If you do have any pets I encourage you to fill up the form to participate with your pet.
  • You can even give a simple talk to the pre-junior classes about the pet and its species. (See the form). It is a lovely experience for the younger ones which they well cherish for a long time.
  • For this event the children are allowed to wear casual clothing. One of the items has to be  purple as a gesture of solidarity against animal abuse.
  • In conjunction with these events we will also be going on an outing to Girgenti Farms on Wednesday 8th November where the children will visit the animals and even participate in a fun scavenger hunt where they learn about the life on a farm. If the children have wellington boots they are allowed to wear them on that day.


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Halloween Activities At School


The children enjoyed the many activities we planned for them on this much awaited day.

They were counting the nights they had to sleep in order to be able to wear their costume.  In fact we started the day with the children showing their costume to their friends during circle time.

We then had some breakfast after which we headed to the canteen along with the other pre-junior classes to play some Halloween themed games.  It was great seeing their enthusiasm trying to aim bean bags at the witch’s hats or trying to aim balls at ghost looking decorated toilet rolls.

Last but not least the last two games proved to be a challenge when they had to use pincers to grab tiny spiders from s huge sand tray and blow at spiders to make them move in a straight line.

Here are some photos of these activities.

After sharing the party food and dancing to some child friendly music we visited the other pre-junior classes as well as the grade 1’s for some trick or treating.

Likewise the other classes came to visit our class where we shared the lovely treats and trinkets you so kindly sent in.  In the photos below the children are waiting in a maze shape for the other classes to knock on the door.

Last but not least the day came to an end with our cooking activity.

They created a sleeping mummy out of wraps, kunserva, shredded mozzarella and diced olives.  They also created a ghost out of half a banana and raisin eyes.

Some children were full by now and so we put these items in the empty lunchboxes some of you provided.

Important note – 4 people did not settle the amount of 4.50 euros.  Kindly do so by Monday.


Library Day

Since on Thursday the children will be on mid-term holidays, the next library day will take place the following Thursday 9th November.

Please send in the blue folder, reading book and blue copybook on the mentioned date.

I will send the folder and its content back home on the following day.

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine   🙂



Green Recycled Paper

green recycled

Dear parents and guardians,

In the upcoming weeks we will be discussing recycling in class.

If you come across green coloured pages in a magazine or a piece of wrapping paper which you are going to throw away can you kindly send it in your child’s folder please.

Thank you for your help

Ms.  Geraldine   🙂


Parents’ and Students’ Conferences

As previously advised in one of Ms. Karen Galea’s circulars, parents’ day will take place on Friday 17th November.

The children do not have school on that day however we are asking you to bring your child along to the meeting so that he/she will participate as well.

We believe that their opinion is very important in their scholastic journey.

You will be given a 10 minute appointment in the morning.

We will give appointments at random, however if you have a valid reason  to request a specific time please let me know by tomorrow morning.

I will do my best to accommodate you on a first come first served basis.

Ms. Geraldine


Term 1 Week 5 – The World Around Me: Halloween (Part 1)

Another week has flown by, a week jam-packed with activities now that we are gearing up for Happy Halloween on Tuesday.

In fact topic work during our 5th week topic evolved around Halloween.  The day started with the children listening in to the story Room on the Broom written by Julia Donaldson.

They animated the story themselves by doing various sounds and actions related to the story.

Room on the Broom Story –

We made a list (mind map) of the things we associate with this festivity such as costumes, hats, brooms, magic wands, sweets, ghosts, stories, dragons and animals.

Through this story they learnt that there is a group of animals which witches prefer such as cats, bats, mice and owls.  Witches love these animals in particular because like them they prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake at night.

We expanded on this in class where we took a closer look at these nocturnal animals.  All these animals usually wake up at night to hunt for their food.  Some of their senses are very well developed.

For instance cats and owls have a very good sense of sight whilst bats do not.  Instead their sense of hearing is very sharp and they use sounds to catch their prey.  These little animals sleep upside down which the children found very funny  🙂

Most of these animals love eating insects and other small creatures such as worms.

We developed the topic further by taking a look at other creatures of the night but which are not necessarily related to Halloween.  Animals like the mole, the skunk, the snake, the aardvark etc.

We all played a game on the interactive whiteboard where the children tried to guess the sound associated with the various animals.  You can go through the list of animals at home and expand even further because the children were very interested in this topic in class.

Learning Nocturnal Animals Sounds and Names with Color Trains –


Nocturnal Animal Song –

All throughout the week the children created many crafts found in the story.

They made a bat by using toilet rolls, black kite paper and triangular wings linking us to the numeracy topic and triangles. You will find more information under the numeracy section.


They decorated a witch’s hat also linking us to the numeracy topic due to its triangular shape.  We also associated this craft to the first letter for this week letter h.  You will find more information under the literacy section.


The witch in the dark song –



Title – Developing Hand Control

Throughout these last 5 weeks the children have been slowly reinforcing their hand muscles to eventually be prepared to hold a pencil properly and start writing.

These are the various pencil strokes which we have been practicing so far interlaced with our topic work: vertical lines, horizontal lines, circles and crosses.

They have used various fun media to form the above such as shaving foam, sand, paint, rice, buttons, bottle caps and thick crayons whilst drawing on their workbooks.

Here are some pictures during such activities: