Term 3 Week 5 – Writing Letter l and Blending Session

The children found working with letter l easy as expected.  They came up with the usual list of words.  They mentioned words like lizard, lips, letters, ladder, lunch, leg, laugh, lion, lemon and lollipop.

Besides writing these letters on the interactive whiteboard they recorded the letter in their workbooks.  These are the pages they worked.


Success criteria to be able to write letter l –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • It has to be straight.
  • Don’t forget the tail at the end.

The children saw two video clips:

The jolly phonics letter l song –

The Letter l song –

During the week we had two blending sessions.  In the first session we blended words starting with letter l along with other cvc words.  The children used their small laminated flashcards to go through the blending steps.  (See previous literacy blogs for the steps).

Some of these words were also in the page we worked out together.

In a separate session we all blended words like cat, fat, sat, mat, hat, bat and rat.  Here are the photos taken during this session.




Term 3 Week 5 – Writing Letter g

By now you got used to the usual routine, that after the topic work we focus on the literacy aspect of the letter of the day.

The children came up with their own words starting with g.  These were some of the words grass, goat, grow, garden, girl, glove, gate, glass, glasses, game, Gabriel and Galea.

Besides doing its formation in the air and on the interactive whiteboard they also practiced writing it on their workbooks.  Here is how the pages looked like.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter g –

  • You start writing this letter from the top.
  • The curve must not be too big or there would not be space for the hook at the bottom.
  • The curve cannot be too small either.
  • Always remember to do the hook at the end or it ends up being another letter altogether.

The children saw this video clips:

The g song –

We then worked an initial sound page which included words starting with g.  This is how the page looked like.



Term 3 Week 4 – Writing Letter o

The literacy lessons for this letter were not spread over three days as usual as this happens to be a fairly easy letter to write.

We had only one lesson in which the children identified that this is a caterpillar letter as you curve around it straight away when writing it.  As usual they came up with words starting with o.

They came up with the following oval, on, ostrich, old, over, orange, octopus, otter and Olda.

I also showed the children that this letter can be found in the middle of words such as top, mop, hot, fox, log, stop, crop, shop etc.  It is important to start listening to other sounds in words other than the initial sound only.

The children proceeded to practicing letter o on the interactive whiteboard and then record it in their workbooks.  These are the pages they worked.


Success Criteria to be able to write letter o –

  • I pointed out that the children who write with their right hand have to form the curve towards the hand which holds the workbook.
  • On the other hand the left handed people have to pull the curve towards the arm they are writing with.


Term 3 Week 3 – Writing Letter d

As you read from the topic work blog letter sound d for dog (The Maltese) was one of the letters we worked with.

As usual we started with the Alphablocks jolly phonic song where the children practiced saying the alphabet in a fun way.

We then moved on to the formation part were we wrote the letter in the air and on the interactive whiteboard.  The children then came up with their own words starting with this letter sound. They mentioned words like dream, daddy drum, dress, dance, drive, door, dig, dog and doll.

They also watched the following video clip.

The children practiced their letter d in their Malta 1 workbook.  These are how the pages looked like:


Success Criteria for writing letter d.

  • Always start writing this letter from the middle.
  • This letter has a tall back and a small tail.
  • So as not to mix it with letter b which is often the case at this age we use the following images and start singing the alphabet song lifting up the hand showing letter d.


We finished working with letter d by working a mixed page.



Term 3 Week 2 – Blending and Reading 3 Letter Words

During week 3 we embarked on the exciting journey of putting 3 letters together to form 3 letter words (consonant, vowel, consonant) also known as cvc words.

Putting 3 letter words together is known as blending.  The children were exposed to 2 blending methods.  We also used songs to further understand the concept.  Next week we will also send in the flashcards you sent in.

Method 1 – The slide method

To read the word cat, I used the following steps.

  • To read the word, I need the letters to go up the slide, c,a,t.  Letter a is scared to go up so letter c helps her go up the slide.
  • Letter t promises to catch her at the bottom of the slide.
  • We stick c and a together.  We say these two letters sounds together really fast and they make the sound ca.  They go up the ladder making the sound ca, ca, ca, ca.
  • They go down the slide saying the sounds ca, ca, ca, ca until they bump into the t at the bottom, and the sounds become ca-t, cat.


Method 2 – The say, stretch and blend method.

Step 1 – Say the individual sounds.  In cat you say c-a-t slowly

Step 2 – Say the first 2 sounds slowly.  c-a stretching each sound.

Step 3 – Add on the last sound c-a-t stretching the sounds once again.

Step 4 – Say each letter faster for about 3 times c-a-t, c-a-t, c-a-t until you hear the letters form the word.

Step 5 – Then say the word cat and clap once which means the word has been blended.

The children were very excited to start putting letters together.  This is only possible if they have a good grasp of the sound of each letter.

After the above exercises we worked a cvc page as a class.  We will be practicing more of the above in the weeks to come and record our work in the workbooks.  The children will become more confident with more exposure just like they mastered understanding the initial sounds with practice.  Below is the page we worked altogether.


These are the blending songs I use in class during such lessons.  These will help you further understand how blending works.

The CVC song – Version 1

The Blending Song –

Jolly Phonics s,a,t,i,p,n Blending Tutorial

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words

You can find similar blending games on the following website (The icon which says cat)


As we go along practicing this skill in class I will then blog what common difficulties are usually encountered whilst blending.

If you have any difficulty about blending just let me know and I would be more than happy to help 🙂


Term 3 Week 2 – Writing Letter k

Letter k for kite is another letter from the one-armed robot group which by now you are quite familiar with from previous blogs.

This was a difficult letter to work with when it comes to mentioning words starting with k because even the c for cat has the same sound.  So when the children mentioned words like cat, car I still praised them and told them that these words started with the sound c but we use the caterpillar c instead.

K words the children came up with by playing question and answer were king, kitten, kiss, key, keyboard, kangaroo and kitchen.

Writing Letter k

In one of the earlier blogs I mentioned that we write letter k in a different way then we see it written in books.  We write it the cursive way to help the children join their letters in the future.  The success criteria for writing letter k are shown in one of the pages below.

The children practiced writing it on the interactive whiteboard as well as in their workbooks.  This is how the pages looked like:


I also stressed the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter k is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • We always start from the top where there is the dot and NOT from the bottom.
  • Letter k has a tall back just like the letter h.
  • We try and go back up to the middle, put a pointy finger in the middle of the line and start the loop.
  • The loop is round and not any other shape.
  • The kick is not very long or very short.

The letter k song:

We will be working more k pages next week.


Term 3 Week 2 Writing Letter h

As you saw from the topic work blog during this week we worked with letter h for hedgehog.  This letter is also a one-armed robot letter just like the letters m and r before it.

The children were very enthusiastic to say words which start with the h sound.  These are some of the words they mentioned – heart, hero, hammer, hand, hay, hungry, hug, hat, hen and heavy.

Besides writing this letter on the interactive whiteboard, they wrote it their workbooks as well.  This is how the pages looked like:


I also stressed the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter h is written in one motion. We do not lift the pencil from the paper whilst writing it.
  • We always start from the top where there is the dot and NOT from the bottom.
  • Letter h has a tall back and a small tunnel. It resembles a chair when you look at it from the side.
  • We try and go up on the same middle line to start the small tunnel.  We use the pointy finger of the hand we don’t write with to stop at the middle and start the tunnel.
  • The tunnels have to be round at the top and not pointy.
  • The tunnel cannot go up all the way or it becomes a n instead.

Letter h song –



World Book Day

book day.png

Dear parents and guardians,

On Monday 23rd April we will celebrate World Book Day.

At school we are organizing various activities for our little ones to make this day one to remember.  There will be fun animated reading sessions accompanied by hands on activities.

We will also take the children to our school library where they can experience the feel of a library and try and nurture in them the love of books.

On this occasion the children are to come to school in a costume of your choice preferably of their favourite super hero.

Even the adults are going to be in costume   🙂

PS – It is a normal school day for the children.  If you have any queries just let me know.


Term 3 Week 1 – Writing letter f

We started off our literacy lessons by revising the initial letter sounds by using the names of various countries in the video clip below:

We then moved on to the first and only letter for this week f for flag.

Besides getting to know about the importance and meaning of flags the children also got to think about words which start with this letter sound.  These are some of the words they came up with: floor, fairy, face, frog, flower, finger, fox, fish, fire, fire engine, foot, first, follow, fly and five.

The children practiced writing letter f on the interactive whiteboard.  As usual they practiced writing this letter on their workbooks too.  This is how the pages looked like:

I also stressed the following points to help the children get the correct formation:

  • Letter f is not written in one motion. We lift the pencil from the paper after the down motion.
  • We always start from the top where there is the dot and NOT from the bottom.
  • The nod is not too big and not too small.
  • Letter f has a tall body.
  • The across part cannot be only one side but half on the left and half on the right.


The jolly phonics letter f song –

After we finished working the usual pages with letter f we worked a page with the first letter sounds f, a, s, and e.




Laminated Letter Flashcards



Dear parents and guardians,

Today in your son/daughter’s folders you will find 2 papers with letter flashcards.  Kindly do the following:

  • Cut them out, keeping to the same size as the boxes they are in.
  • Write the name of your child in legible handwriting at the back of each one. (So your child can be able to read their name).
  • Laminate them.
  • Put them in a small plastic button envelope folder, which fits into their usual big red folder.
  • Please send them back to school by Monday 16th April as we will soon start using them in class to play letter/word games I have prepared for them as well as forming cvc words.
  • All those children who did not get their red folder today do not have the flashcard papers in their bag as they would have all been crushed. Please send in the red folder so I can also send the flashcard papers home for lamination.


Thanks for your co-operation


Ms. Geraldine