Sleeping Away :)

Dear all,

We had taken some more photos after the concert rehearsal at St. Agatha which I had not included in one of the blogs … and here they are    🙂





Girgenti Farm Outing Photos


As you all know our first school outing was to Girgenti Petting Farm in Siggiewi.

The children really enjoyed this unforgettable experience.

  • We started off the day with a scavenger hunt where the children teamed in twos and they had to observe and search for specific items and put them in a pot. Each team had a picture card which indicated which items they had to look out for.  At the end of this activity they had to sort out the items and put them in separate buckets.  I am really proud of each and every one of the children they worked together like clockwork.  The enthusiasm and excitement on their faces was memorable.
  • They then had their lunch on huge picnic mats where they chatted to their hearts content.
  • Our next activity was visiting the various animals on the farm and feeding them. The children fed pigs, geese, ducks, sheep, a donkey and two horses.
  • They also potted a little plant which they all brought home.
  • Last but not least they had some time to play in the children’s play area after which we all headed back to school grateful that it did not rain and totally exhausted.

Here are the photo of the day   🙂



Animal Awareness Day Photos

Tuesday was an exciting day for the children at school since we had the animal awareness activities.

All this was possible with the help of the parents and relatives who could get over their pets to school for all the students to see and enquire about.

So thank you wholeheartedly for making this day a special one for them.

Our day in pre-junior started with a visit to the school grounds where there were various animals waiting for their pets and cuddles  🙂

Our class had a cute little headband which they had finger painted a few weeks back when we were doing letter c for cat.  Here are some photos showing the above.

Surprise visitors came to class with their animals after we had some breakfast and circle time.  The children could take a closer look and even ask questions.

We had Jeanmarie’s mum visit with Tikku the cute spotted dog,  Adaya’s dad and grandad who brought along a peacock and a lamb and last but not least Ms. Karen with her adorable rabbit Cookie.


Cooking was our last activity for the day.  The children created two animal food items, cat’s face and a tiny little mouse.  Here is the last batch of photos.  Enjoy   🙂




Halloween Activities At School


The children enjoyed the many activities we planned for them on this much awaited day.

They were counting the nights they had to sleep in order to be able to wear their costume.  In fact we started the day with the children showing their costume to their friends during circle time.

We then had some breakfast after which we headed to the canteen along with the other pre-junior classes to play some Halloween themed games.  It was great seeing their enthusiasm trying to aim bean bags at the witch’s hats or trying to aim balls at ghost looking decorated toilet rolls.

Last but not least the last two games proved to be a challenge when they had to use pincers to grab tiny spiders from s huge sand tray and blow at spiders to make them move in a straight line.

Here are some photos of these activities.

After sharing the party food and dancing to some child friendly music we visited the other pre-junior classes as well as the grade 1’s for some trick or treating.

Likewise the other classes came to visit our class where we shared the lovely treats and trinkets you so kindly sent in.  In the photos below the children are waiting in a maze shape for the other classes to knock on the door.

Last but not least the day came to an end with our cooking activity.

They created a sleeping mummy out of wraps, kunserva, shredded mozzarella and diced olives.  They also created a ghost out of half a banana and raisin eyes.

Some children were full by now and so we put these items in the empty lunchboxes some of you provided.

Important note – 4 people did not settle the amount of 4.50 euros.  Kindly do so by Monday.