Who Am I?

who am i

Dear all,

As you know every year the school chooses a theme around which all our activities unfold.

I am forwarding an email sent to us by Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian asking for:

  • Your child’s input in building the theme for the next scholastic year.
  • By sending in a very short presentation of your child/children at the school on the theme “Who Am I?”
  • This snapshot of everyone will help them put together this theme.
  • I encourage you to send in a short very simple presentation so this could happen. Thus the children once again will feel part of the so valued school ethos “we are a one big family”.
  • Please send in your child’s contribution by the 15th of July.
  • Presentations have to be sent to Ms. Sue and Mr. Brian via email details found below.



Dear Parent/s and Students,

Good afternoon.  I trust that you are well although the end of the year brings with it the fatigue of exams or assessment times (for the older students) and the simple fatigue of the end of the year and the heat that starts visiting us.

We are currently mulling over the theme for next year (as you are aware, we choose a Theme which governs the life of the School over the academic year) and to this effect, we require the help of the students (and in the case of the younger students, that of the Parents).  

We have a project in mind but for this to materialise, we need EVERY student at our School to prepare a presentation on himself/herself.  This presentation can be a short video clip, a story, a paragraph with images etc. It should include elements such as basic information like age, class, name and surname and family composition.  

But the focus should be on talents, fears and joys, dreams and hopes – essentially, what makes that person unique.  So fundamentally, this would be a presentation with the focus on “Who am I?”

We want to get to know our students more intimately (in as much as they want to divulge obviously) because this will help us in the planning of our year with them.

So we would appreciate it if you (as a student, or with the parents’ help if the child is young or cannot work on it on his/her own) would work on it and send us this clip, story, paragraph etc by not later than the 15th July. Kindly send this via email to me on sue.midolo@stcatherines.eu and to Mr. Brian on brian.gauci@stcatherines.eu with a subject caption of the email saying “Presentation of  ……. (name and surname of child and class next year)”.

We look forward to receiving your email!


Ms.Sue Midolo & Mr. Brian Gauci




Open Day Recap

Dear all,

First of all thank you for your response in sending in various materials so tomorrow’s projects will take place.

I know you have been receiving a lot of information regarding open day which might be overwhelming and at times confusing.

Today Ms. Karen Galea sent you a final email with the details earlier during the day which should clarify what will happen.

So rather than add more information I am going to mention a few main points and then guide you tomorrow when you drop off the children and as the day goes along.

  • Children are to come to school at the usual time wearing their usual summer uniform.
  • You can stay with them too. Grandparents, aunties and uncles are welcome too.
  • The children have to get their school bag with breakfast and a snack if they are eating from the food stalls provided on the grounds. Children will be accompanied to these stalls at an allocated time by our teaching team or by you as their parents with your children.
  • Those children who are not going to be accompanied by parents during the day will be under the team’s supervision. If you want them to eat from the food provided at the stalls please send not more than 10 euros in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and what items you which that your child eats.  If you do not send the items I will ask them and guide them myself.
  • Parking in our grounds would not be available. The Luxol parking area is a good option.
  • School finishes at the usual time.
  • Extra-curricular activities will take place as usual.
  • Please come in comfortable clothes and get a pair of good cutting scissors.


You do not need to send in an old t-shirt, paint brush or your own children’s wellingtons specifically for tomorrow.  This was only intended for the junior sector.

The activities we will be doing in class.  Obviously my team will guide you through the works.

  • Story stones with the help of the little ones. I already explained to them what these are today.
  • 3 sensory wall boards.
    • A Garden Sensory Wall Board
    • A Hand Sensory Wall Board
    • A multi-sensory Board.

All the above might involve gluing different things onto a board, hand painting with the children, tracing objects, cutting paper or foam.

The children are very excited about tomorrow as I explained to them what we are going to do.  So see you all tomorrow and thank you once again    🙂



Open Day – Very Important

Dear all,

As you all know from the school calendar of events and the emails that Ms. Karen has been sending you Friday 18th May will mark another important day at our school – Open Day.

All the sectors have been putting their heads together to make this a successful day from which all the students will benefit.  The best thing is that you can all be part of it as well.  A little from a lot will make this project possible.  We are all so excited to make this happen   🙂

I am summarizing the major points and queries that you might have pertaining to the pre-junior sector.

  • We need as many parents/grandparents/aunties/uncles to attend and help as possible. We understand that a few might not make it due to work or other reasons.
  • Although some parents may not attend please do send your children to school. We have fun activities lined up for them and they will be in our care like any other school day.  So don’t worry.  I will explain to these children that their parents cannot attend.  They will enjoy their school day just the same.

Main aim of the activities held out during the day.

To embellish the school outdoor areas and utilize them for learning in a fun way.

Where do the Pre-Juniors fit in?

  • The 3 pre-junior classes will be in charge of creating sensory and activity boards and panels which will be stuck to the outdoor areas which we share with Flutterby.
  • We will also be creating story stone which we will be using for literacy sessions outdoors.

Other activities we will be participating in.

  • We will be visiting the outdoor areas were other works would be taking place. We will see parts of the project come together such as the water wall, ball wall etc.  Areas our children will be using too   🙂
  • They will be doing some planting in the new gardening area assigned for our use along with Flutterby.
  • There will also be fundraising activities to help cover the cost of materials we will be using to create resources in the various areas.  These will include the possibility of participating in Fun Fair activities (bouncy castles/inflatable slides, face painting, games and rides) and the sale of food, ice-cream and smoothies.

Parents and relatives coming on the day.

  • Children are to be brought to school as usual.
  • Parents are encouraged to attend mass in memory of Mrs. Midolo which will take place at 8.30 am on the school turf grounds. Only the upper junior students and the senior school will attend.
  • Pre-junior children will remain in class along with those parents not going for mass to participate in circle time.
  • The first part of the morning we will be working on the sensory/activity boards and the story stones. So adults in class will be helping in sorting the material provided, gluing things to the boards, manning the story stones, cutting any papers, cloth needed, reading books to the children etc (we will guide the people in charge of the different sections).
  • Later on in the morning parents will be allotted time to take their children to the Fun Fair and have some fun together in the various fun activities provided. They can also grab a bite from the food stalls lined up for the day.

Parents and Relatives Who Cannot Come

  • Please do send the children if you cannot attend. They will be working on the boards and the stones like all the rest in class.  They will feel part and parcel of this big project and own it.  We will be taking care of them ourselves like we usually do.
  • All that we need you to do is this: Please send in NOT MORE than 10 euros in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class and an indication of the rides and food you would like your child to do/have.  We will be taking them to the stalls ourselves.

Help – We are asking Pre-Junior children to kindly help us in the sale of smoothies by donating

  • 3 fruits by Thursday 17th May.  Ideally these should be 2 oranges and 1 other fruit (preferable a banana or a kiwi or a handful of strawberries.

Sensory activity boards

As you can imagine we need a lot of resources to put together the sensory/activity boards’ project I mentioned in the beginning of the blog.  It would be of great help if you happen to have any of the items below in good condition tucked away in the garage or in a box or maybe a business where you can supply a small amount of the items listed.

Items required for the activity boards –

  • Bottle caps, pieces of different textured fabric, shoes laces, velcro pieces, large buckles, zips, rope, cord, pegs, sand paper, kitchen sponges, tracing paper, wool, pompoms, bendable pipes, reflective mirror effect pieces of aluminum or other such material, electric tape of various colours, acrylic paint, clear varnish for outdoors, paint brushes.
  • Clothes and other items that your child has outgrown, jackets with zips, shoes with velcro straps or laces.
  • Little gadgets like a hamster wheel, small squeaky toys.

Items required for the outdoor area.

  • A few pebbles for the story stones we will be doing in class for the outdoor areas.
  • Empty plant pots and trays.
  • Child friendly gardening tools such as spades, watering jugs and buckets.
  • Seeds or seedlings.
  • Old kitchen utensils such as pots, pans, plastic utensils, small funnels, baking tins, and other plastic containers. These will be utilised in our music wall and also in the Mud Kitchen which is currently already in place.
  • Toys like xylophone, old abacus counter etc.

I am posting a few pictures for you to get an idea of what our project will be like and the items needed.

If you have any other items which are not in the list and you think we can use them just let me know and I will tell you if they are valid for our boards.


Very Important –

  • Please send in the forms that Ms. Karen emailed to you. This has to be filled up whether you are attending Open Day or not.  It can be printed or hand written.  This gives us a clear idea of how to man the project and how many children will be coming to school without their parents.
  • Please get a good pair of scissors just in case you will be cutting any material.