Sports Day Note 3 – T-Shirt Colour

Dear all,

As promised I am sending the colour of the t-shirt which each child needs to wear for Sports Day on the 4th of May.

It is acceptable if the t-shirt has a picture in front or at the back as long as the main base colour is the one I assigned below.  Any shade of the colour given is fine.

Please send the t-shirt in by Friday 27th April for me to see.  I will keep it at school for one rehearsal and then send it back before sports day so the children can come ready with it on.


I will send further details closer to the date.  Thank you for sending the back packs and the other stationery I asked for.

Those who did not send them in yet kindly do so as early as possible.

We will be using the back pack next week during sports day rehearsals.

Ms. Geraldine