Term 3 Week 4 – Sports Day Event and Photos

It was a pleasure seeing you all gathered together for another event – Sports Day.  We were lucky that the weather turned out to be fine after the bad weather of the day before.

The children had great fun as you could see yourselves.  Besides practicing the games over the three weeks prior to sports day they learnt a lot about the Maltese islands and their culture.

The Maltese Ftira Game – Kulni kulni ghax bhali ma ssib imkien! (Eat me because I am Unique !)

The children got to know that bread was one of the staple foods way back when Malta was caught during the war. Housewives and bakers used to stay up most of the night to prepare the bread made out of flour, water, yeast, salt and oil.

One last ingredient made the Maltese bread special which gave it its unique texture and taste.  This was a piece of dough left to rest from the day before which was kneaded with the new fresh batch of the day.  Each day a small piece of dough was kept for the next day’s bread baking.  This bread was sold on horse drawn carts and later on the baker himself used to drive through the village shouting, “Tal-Hobz”.

They watched part of this old video clip showing a now run down bakery in Naxxar vs how modern Maltese bread is baked.



Nowadays bakers in Qormi are still well known for their delicious Maltese bread which they bake in their ovens made especially from quarry stone ideal for baking in.

Welcome Aboard, Fly Away With Airmalta!

In preparation for this game the children learnt some facts about the history of the aviation on the Maltese islands.   They got to know that shortly after the Second World War, several small private airline companies were formed in Malta.  These merged into one in 1951 to form what was eventually known as Air Malta Co Ltd.  The airline was set up with the help of the Pakistan International Airlines. Its first flight took place on the 1st of April 1974.


Photo of 1st flight – 1974

It started operating with only 2 Boeing 720Bs aircrafts which flew to six destinations mainly to Rome, Tripoli, London, Manchester, Frankfurt and Paris.  Today 45 years later this airline can take you to over 35 major cities across Europe and the Mediterranean.

Working together with other partner airlines, Air Malta offers convenient connections to important destinations in North America and the Middle East.  The children got to know how the present logo on the aircrafts came about.

We showed them a video clip as well as some merchandise which was distributed them the new logo was launched.


Off To The Beach For Some Sun and Sea Game!

The children could appreciate the beauty of the Maltese Islands by watching a video clip of several beaches lining the coast line.  They were also made aware that we need to take care of these places not only because we need to use them again ourselves but we also need to show respect for the people who visit the beaches after we leave.  Thus we need to clean up our things and throw any waste in bins or take them at home with us.

They became aware of the importance of protecting ourselves from the sun buy applying sunblock, putting on sunglasses and a hat.  They also learnt that we cannot play rough whilst in water or wonder off to pick a toy or talk to strangers.

All this led up to our special event.  Here are the photos taken during the big day   🙂

Last but not least I want to thank you for coming along and supporting your little ones.  They were very proud of having you there.

Moreover I want to thank all those who plucked up the courage and participated during the various parents ‘ races   🙂



Sports Day Note 3 – T-Shirt Colour

Dear all,

As promised I am sending the colour of the t-shirt which each child needs to wear for Sports Day on the 4th of May.

It is acceptable if the t-shirt has a picture in front or at the back as long as the main base colour is the one I assigned below.  Any shade of the colour given is fine.

Please send the t-shirt in by Friday 27th April for me to see.  I will keep it at school for one rehearsal and then send it back before sports day so the children can come ready with it on.


I will send further details closer to the date.  Thank you for sending the back packs and the other stationery I asked for.

Those who did not send them in yet kindly do so as early as possible.

We will be using the back pack next week during sports day rehearsals.

Ms. Geraldine