Term 1 Week 6 and 7 – The World Around Me – Halloween, animals and my family

Week 6 – During this week we only had one school day were we finished off the Halloween topic with a sweet story of Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll during our circle time session.

We then played a game where we worked on our memory, trying to remember all the ingredients that the witch put in her cauldron.

We then moved onto what the witch was wearing and the children were super excited to share and talk about what their Halloween was going to be for the next day’s party.

(See Photo section for the Halloween party photos and activities we did).

Week 7 Part 1 – Topic Work on Monday was dedicated to pets since the next day was going to be Animal Awareness Day.

We opened the session with the religion story of Noah’s Ark.  The children joined in with making the animal sounds whilst I was reading the story to them.

Here is an online version of the story.

The children then mentioned the animals they thought would go in the ark.  We spoke about how God created animals for us to take care of them.

We acknowledged the fact that we cannot be cruel to animals even if these animals are stray animals and live in the streets.  We finished off the session with the children colouring in a picture of various animals which they then stuck onto an ark they had painted in one of our painting sessions.

(The arks are stuck in front of our classroom on one of our display boards).

Week 7 Part 2 – The rest of the week was dedicated to – The World Around Me – My Family

I introduced this topic to the children by explaining that there are different forms of families.  A family can be make up of a dad and a child; a mum and a child; a mum, a dad and a child; children can be living with their grandparents or other relatives from time to time because parents might be working abroad or for other reasons.

This is all okay because these people show us they love us by feeding us, taking us to school, spending time with us like reading a book or playing with the toys together etc.

The children watched a couple of books during the week related to this topic:

The Family Book – Todd Parr –

Me and My Family Tree –

We also spoke about how we can show that we love all those who are part of our family.  The children mentioned giving them a hug, preparing the table for dinner, clearing our toys from our room, getting dressed by themselves amongst others.  This story below shows an elephant family trying to help a member of the family who is sick.

Mr. Large In Charge –

Our sessions on this topic ended with the children drawing their own family which we linked to the numeracy session (See the numeracy blog for more details).



Term 1 Week 5 – Halloween (Part 2)

We dedicated the second part of the week talking and discovering the world of cats since these are the preferred creatures of the witch.

The children enjoyed watching the below power point with facts about these little creatures.


The children followed the story, The Square Cat written by Elizabeth Schoomaker.   The cat in this book is different from the cat found in The Room on The Broom or even the other cats in the same story.

Eula feels different and tries desperately to be like its friends.  However at the end it realizes that it is okay to be different and this might have its advantages.

Square Cat –

By means of this story we introduced another alphabet letter c for cat.  However we also spoke about another special letter which also has the same sound, k for kitten.

The children created two crafts related to this topic, a square cat and a kitten.


More details about the ck sound in the literacy section.

The children also learnt about the properties of a square and revised the big and small concept.

You can find more information in the numeracy section.



Term 1 Week 4 – All About Me – My Pets And Other Animals I Like

amnimals.pngThe second topic we tackled during our fourth week of school is My Pets and Other Animals I Like. We started by reading the story of Rod Campbell, Dear Zoo.

The children learnt that although we might like many animals not all animals can be kept as pets.  Animals like the lion, giraffe, monkey, elephant and snake are better off in the jungle because this is the type of place (habitat) they are happy in.

I also managed to squeeze in another book which the children really liked, Please Mr. Panda.

Through this book the children became aware of more other animals which live in the wild such as the penguin, the skunk, the ostrich and so on some of which unfortunately are becoming extinct such as the Panda.

Please Mr. Panda –

The importance of good manners was also mentioned and emphasized.  The children enjoyed assembling a cute little panda which we will soon hang outside the class.


We also discussed which animals we are more likely to keep at home and what we should do to take care of them.

The children came up with their own list of pets, some said cats, dogs, birds, hamsters, rabbits and parrots etc.

It is important that we find time to play with them in a gentle way.  Rrralph The Dog is the book the children watched to compliment this section of the topic.  This led us to our show and tell in class.

I was so proud listening and watching most of the children tell us about their pets or animals they like.

The last few kids will do their show and tell next week after which I will upload all the photos   🙂

Rrralph the Dog –

I Have a Pet Song –

The word pets is the keyword to one of our literacy letters this week.  More information will be uploaded in the literacy blog.


Term 1 Week 4 – All About Me – Taking Care Of Myself

This week one of our main topics evolved round how we take care of ourselves.  We discussed what we should do to keep ourselves clean mainly by washing every day: our body, hair and hands.

We mentioned that washing our hands frequently is very important to avoid germs from sleeping in our hands and making us and our friends sick.

We mentioned that washing could be fun because there are many water toys we can play with in the bath/shower.  The children mentioned some toys they tag along during their cleaning time.  We also mentioned that even our nails have to be clean and definitely kept short.

Even brushing our teeth is part of our daily routine.  It was emphasized that we brush them every day in the morning and in the evening and also after eating some sweets.  We stressed the importance of eating healthy food just like we had mentioned last week.

Food which is not so healthy most especially sweets create holes in our teeth.  The children learnt that we only have two sets of teeth, the baby teeth and the adult teeth.  If they fall off they won’t grow again and we need our teeth to chew our food.

Crawford the cat – Importance Of Brushing Teeth

This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth Song

The children created a craft linked with literacy and keeping our teeth clean on their All About Me Literacy scrapbook. They had to stick the different features onto a face and counting in the process.  They also coloured and stuck a toothbrush to emphasize the importance of cleaning our teeth.


As part of this exercise the children had big teeth cutouts which we pretended had germs and they had to ‘clean’ them up.  In this process they were learning how to wait for their turn.


Germ Smart – Wash Your hand Song

This topic work linked us to one of the new letters of this week letter t sound.  More details in the literacy section.


Animal Photos


Dear parents and guardians,

A gentle reminder for all those who did not send in the photo/picture of your child’s pet or favourite animal to please send them in by Thursday 19th October.

Tomorrow I will be starting show and tell related to the above topic.  I will be starting with those children who got their photos so I give time to all those who need to still send them in.

Please do make an effort as the children get very upset when they see they don’t have their pictures.



Ms. Geraldine


Term 1 Week 3 – All About Me – Our Senses


The last part of the topic work for this week was the 5 senses.  We started by seeing which are our five senses and why we use them.  The children watched a story called My Five Senses:

We then had an experiment session in class which the children really enjoyed.  They had to guess the content of various small balloons by touching, poking and shaking them.  (Some had rice, water, sugar, beads etc).

They also smelled strips of paper which had various items sprayed on them such as perfume, lemon and toothpaste.

It was so sweet how their faces changed according to the smell they smelt 🙂  Some managed to guess the content of the items presented.

The children became aware that we use various senses at one go.  We extended the senses theme to our P.E. lesson where the children played two games using the sense of sight and touch.

They had to roll a ball and mention the colour the ball lands on, they also had to run for different coloured blocks, go around a huge parachute and put the block on the corresponding colour.   Here are some photos.   🙂



The five senses song –


Term 1 Week 3 – All About Me – Good Manners and Relating to Others

good manners

Another sub topic within the All About Me theme is manners and relating to others.

We animated the story of Goldilocks and the three bears which teaches us that we have to respect others and their belongings.  We discussed that we have to ask permission to touch other people’s things.

Each person has his or her personal space.  I describe this to the children as each person having their own bubble around them and we cannot get too close before asking.

We expanded the subject as to the way we have to address people with good morning, good bye, please and thank you where necessary.  We have to learn when to say sorry too.  Some say it too easily without really meaning it.  Whilst others find it hard to say sorry!

Please and Thank You Song –

The children played a game on the interactive whiteboard where they had to sequence the story of Goldilocks using pictures.

Below is the link to an on line version of Goldilocks and the three bears story.

Goldilocks Bear Song –

This story also linked us to the numeracy concept of big, medium and small.  More details in the numeracy section.

Emphasis was also put onto other kinds of manners like coughing and sneezing where we have to cover our mouth or nose by using a tissue or our inner side of our elbow.

The letter sound n for nose was the link to the other letter sound the children explored this week.  More details in the literacy section.


Term 1 Week 3 – All About Me – Everyone is Special


Last week we had emphasized that we are special for our family because they love us.  This week the children started realising that they are also special because each and every one is unique.

Some are boys and others are girls.   Someone might be good at drawing, another at singing, ballets, football etc.  As we grow we will all discover what our strong points are.

They learnt that although we are different we can still all be friends no matter what our hair, eye, skin colour is, or what our likes and dislikes might be.   All this was elicited through a sweet story which I read in class called Bob and Otto.

These two were inseparable.  Their characteristics changed as they grew.  Bob could fly and Otto could dig.  What they liked was not the same any more.  They realized that this made them special and different.

Yet they remained best friends in spite of their differences.  Here is the online version which you can go through with your children.

Bob and Otto written by Robert O. Bruel –

Growing up song –

Bob and Otto linked us to our first letter of the week i for insect.

More information about this letter sound in the literacy section.


Term 1 Week 3 – All About Me – Likes and dislikes


We started off the week by further developing the All About Me topic.

We had a little discussion in class about the food that we like eating and the food the children dislike. We saw which foods are healthier than others such as vegetables, fruit, soup, bread and pasta.

Although we might like other things such as nuggets, pizza, burgers and sweets we have to eat these as little as possible.

One of the things that the children learnt was that we just cannot say we don’t like eating something before actually tasting it.

After the discussion we proceeded to sticking the pictures that you kindly sent from home on their All About Me workbook.

They also watched a funny video clip to which they sang whole-heartedly.

Do you like broccoli ice-cream –

The children spoke about their favourite colour and why they like it.  Very often you realise which colour they prefer before they express it in class from their drawings.

At first they tend to use only their preferred colour to fill in a whole picture.

By time they then move on and experiment with different shades.  They recorded their present favourite colour in their workbook too.

It is lovely seeing the children build their confidence by sharing their likes and dislikes with the rest of the class during circle time.


Term 1 Week 2 – All About Me

all about me

Our focus shifted to getting to know each other in the second part of the week, by means of the topic All About Me.

We discussed how each and every one of us is special for our parents, guardians, grandparents and teachers.  We are unique in our own way.

Although we have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth, ten fingers and ten toes, we all look different because our faces have different shapes. Other features make us special too like the colour of our eyes, hair and skin.

We also spoke that Ms. Geraldine, Ms. Corinne and two other children wear glasses.  This is okay.  It is important that we do not touch the glasses for our friends.

The children had some time to look at themselves in a mirror to see all these special characteristics in themselves and in their friends.

I Am Me Video Clip

I am Quite Unique Video Clip

This topic also linked us to the numeracy topic where whilst looking at ourselves we emphasized having 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands 2 legs etc.  You can find more information in the numeracy section.

Besides becoming aware of ourselves and our characteristics the children got to know their friends too both old and new.

We first read the story Spot the dog goes to school.  (Story link in previous blog).   Spot makes new friends such as monkey, hypo, and alligator.  We then associated this to our scenario in class.

We played a game where we said our names one by one holding hands in the process.  We also welcomed the newcomers in class.  We also looked at the rules of how we should behave with our friends’ e.g.

  • We should play and share toys with our friends.
  • We should not push, pull or hurt them.
  • We should help our friends if they need something.
  • We use kind words with our friends.
  • We do not laugh at our friends.

The children joined in the actions to the following songs –

The more we get together song –

A friend song –

Amongst Spot’s friends there is Alligator.  The first sound in his name a linked us to the second letter we tackled during this week – letter a for alligator.  You will find the details under the literacy blog.