Good Deed No 1

good deed

Today we started our advent reverse calendar were the first batch of children brought in some non-perishable food items for the needy.  Tomorrow it is the turn of the following children

  • Maurizio
  • Jeanmarie
  • Jake
  • Emmalene

We also spoke about a good deed which was linked to our circle time story – The Elves and the Shoemaker.

Just like the elves helped the shoemaker and his wife by making shoes and in return the man and his wife sewed clothes for the elves even we can help others.

We mentioned many ways we can help in class a well as at home.  These are some of the things the children mentioned, give the remote to daddy or mummy, clearing the toys, laying the table, dusting our room, carrying a bag or two for mum or grandma, helping with picking up the things from the floor.

Please remind the children of the good deed of the day so they carry out this good deed at home.

Story of the Elves and The Show Maker:




Term 1 Week 10 – The World Around Me – Christmas 2

One of the most popular figures the children are very familiar with during this festive season is Father Christmas.

We have been mentioning him from a couple of weeks now and we even have a Santa’s hat hanging from one of our windows.

The children believe that he is watching over us from time to time to see who will be on his present list during Christmas time.

Last week we took a closer look at this tradition and from where it originated without ruining the children’s beliefs of this magical man.

They actually sat down for about seven minutes and watched a sweet story related to this which we then discussed:

Santa’s WorkShop

The Night Before Christmas

After the story we went through a list of words which are associated with this character eg. North Pole, sack, reindeer, toys, elves, beard, hat, cookies and milk under the tree.

The children had some time to think and mention the present they would like to have from Santa Claus.

After the concert is over we will write a little letter to Father Christmas and draw the toy they mentioned and post it inside a small letter box for Father Christmas.



Term 1 Week 10 – Christmas

During our 10th week of schooling there was a lot of excitement in class because it is the festive season and because we are working really hard on our concert.

The theme for this week was Christmas.  We started off the week with the children brainstorming words which are associated with Christmas.

They came up with many words the most common being, Father Christmas, presents, Christmas Tree, decorations, lights, Jesus is born, chimney, reindeer, elves, singing special songs (Christmas carols).

The children then listened to a sweet story called Mr. Willoby’s Christmas Tree:

Moral of the story – They learnt that Mr. Willoby threw out a piece of his tree but someone else benefited from this (reuse and recycle) because someone else had a tree and so forth.

This also linked our topic to the fact that although we might be generous throughout the year, at this time it is lovely to be even more generous especially with the people who are less fortunate and sick.

That is why we spoke about the reverse advent calendar in class and each one of us is going to donate a little can of unperishable food for those in need.  (Please see previous blogs for details).

Mr. Willowby’s story was also associated with our numeracy and literacy lessons.

You can find more information about this under the numeracy and literacy blog respectively.

Christmas tree song –



Term 1 Week 9 – The World Around Me – Recycling (continued)

During week 9 we continued developing recycling topic.  We focused on other things we can do to help keep our Earth healthy through recycling.

We mentioned that trees are very important because they give us healthy air to breath.  So it is very important to take care of the trees that already exist and to plant new ones.  We also mentioned that a lot of trees are cut down every year because they are used for making paper and furniture amongst other things, so it is important to replace them.


First we saw how trees grow from a single seed.  The children had to opportunity to touch and feel different kinds of seeds such as pumpkin, butter bean and popcorn seeds.

The children got to know that plants need certain ingredients for them to grow into plants, vegetables and fruit.

They need space in the ground where there is some soil, sunlight and water.  Sid the Seed is one of our friends who helped us understand this idea.

Sid The Seed –

Grow little seed grow
which shows us all this.

This led us to our hands on creation – Planting the gulbiena.


The children then played with a seed sensory bin were they were able to sort out the by size thus revising big and small as well as by shape and colour.  They also practiced their fine motor skills by drawing triangle shapes following dotted lines on their workbooks and colouring a growing plant.

The concept of a seed growing into a tree was linked to the letter g.  You can find more information in the literacy blog.

You can spend some time with your children watching a short sweet film called the Lorax, the concept of which evolves around trees and plants and discuss it.   Here is the link:

The original version of Dr. Seuss’s Lorax.

The Lorax Movie

Enjoy   🙂


Term 1 Week 8 – The World Around Me – Recycling

In the previous days we mentioned that we are lucky to have such a lovely planet to live in.  Even Malta is unique with its own characteristics just like any other country has its good qualities.  However if we do not take care of it we end up destroying it slowly.


After this short introduction we watched the story called Another Fine Mess written by Tony Bonning which sparked off our discussion as to how many different things we use in our everyday lives in order to lead a comfortable life.

This also means that we throw a lot of things away too.  A lot of rubbish which accumulates and which might damage the Earth around us.  This led us to the topic of the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


The children became aware that we can reduce our waste by reusing certain materials eg. we can draw on the other side of an already used paper.  Used papers can be used to create new crafts.



We mentioned that used toys could be passed on to younger cousins, friends or the poor children.  The same can be said about out-grown clothes.  This exercise made children aware of how many things we use and to think and evaluate what to throw away or pass on to others.

However it is not always possible to pass on some materials such as torn worn off clothes or used glass or plastic bottles.  On the other hand we cannot keep everything. We can still do something to help our Earth from being destroyed.

There are special bins where we can throw away things for example glass bins, plastic bins and so forth.  These in turn will be taken by special people, put into big machines and transformed into other things.

The children got to know that plastic bottles can be recycled into sweaters and socks.


Glass bottles are melted to recreate other glass bottles or to make the aggregate material that is used in roads.

Used clothes are used to make carpets.


The list is endless.

The children played a game in class where they had to sort out things which they could possibly reuse, give away or throw in the special recycling bins for them to be transformed into something else.

This topic linked us to our letter for this week – letter r – recycling.  More information can be found in the literacy blog.


Term 1 Week 8 The World Around Me – The Solar System, Earth and Malta

The major topic work for our 8th week of schooling evolved around the world around us.

We tackled topics like the universe, with particular focus on our solar system and our own planet.


The children learnt that way beyond the dark blue sky which we see every night there are billions of stars which form galaxies.

Our world along with another seven planets and the sun is but a small speck in one of these galaxies.  This group of planets makes up what we call our solar system.

The Solar System

The children learnt that the sun is in the middle of these planets.  It is like a ball of fire and the eight planets go around it getting the heat and energy they need to exist.

They got to know of a ninth planet called Pluto which is now considered as a dying planet.  It is the smallest planet furthest away from the sun so it does not get enough energy it needs.

We took a close look at these planets.  The children became familiar with their names, which of the planets are called the giant planets and which are the smaller ones.  They also saw which of these planets are closer to the Sun or furthest away.  The children got particularly interested in the colours each planet has depending on its properties.

For example Mars is red, Uranus is sky blue, and Saturn is yellowish in colour.   The songs below sum up all the things we spoke about in class regarding the solar system and which the children really enjoyed.

The Solar System song –

The Planets song –

The children created their own planet by using a technique called marbling. We mixed various paints the colours of which represent the planets, along with shaving foam and then they dipped a circle representing the planet into this mixture.

They then brushed off the excess mixture with a ruler to leave a marble effect behind.  Their little work of art is hanging outside our door.

The shape of the planets led us to the circle shape.  The numeracy blog will guide you through the circle lesson given.

During the week our topic work focus shifted onto The Planet Earth.


The children learnt that this is the third planet from the sun and it is considered to be one of the smaller planets.  When seen from space it is seen as blue and green in colour because it is mostly made up of water and land respectively.

We talked about the major characteristics that make up the earth, the sea, mountains and volcanoes, the animals that live in the sea and on land.

Last but not least the children mentioned us humans.  Earth is the only planet which we know of which has creatures living on it.  This song summarizes all that we spoke about.

The Earth song –

We then proceeded to have an even closer look at the countries most of the children come from.  We mentioned Italy, England, Russia, Czech Republic, Papua New Guinea, Libya and last but not least Malta amongst others.

The children learnt that Malta is shaped like a fish and it is surrounded by the sea.  That is why we call it an island.  We looked at key places in Malta such as the capital city, Valletta and Mdina.

We also saw where our school is situated and where some of the children live and marked everything on a map.  We discussed if they lived close or far away from our school.

Malta From Above –

We ended our topic work by creating a collage of the map of Malta using kite paper.  At first the children ripped green and brown kite paper to represent the island’s landscape.   They then glued it together.  It was a pleasure seeing the children all excited as they worked together in groups.



I want to take the opportunity to thank Ms. Corinne for her hard work and dedication in making our crafts in class possible as well as Ms. Stefania for guiding some of the children through what we do.


Term 1 Week 8 – The World Around Me – My Family


During our eighth week we finished talking about the meaning of family.

We revised all the material that we spoke about in the previous week.  We had a look at our family tree and mentioned that each family has a different and unique family tree made up of the people who take care of us.

Just like a tree has strong roots so does the love we find in a family.

I then read a sweet story called Guess how much I love you by Sam McBratney.

We ended the topic by saying that at school we are a one big family where we grow together by learning different things, share and try to help each other to develop our strengths to our best abilities.

These values linked us to our religion story for this week.  See the religion section for more details.

We heard and watched various songs for the children to understand the deep meaning of family.  At this age it might be confusing to understand such a concept.

We are Family Song – My family and Me

The Finger Family Song



Term 1 Week 6 and 7 – The World Around Me – Halloween, animals and my family

Week 6 – During this week we only had one school day were we finished off the Halloween topic with a sweet story of Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll during our circle time session.

We then played a game where we worked on our memory, trying to remember all the ingredients that the witch put in her cauldron.

We then moved onto what the witch was wearing and the children were super excited to share and talk about what their Halloween was going to be for the next day’s party.

(See Photo section for the Halloween party photos and activities we did).

Week 7 Part 1 – Topic Work on Monday was dedicated to pets since the next day was going to be Animal Awareness Day.

We opened the session with the religion story of Noah’s Ark.  The children joined in with making the animal sounds whilst I was reading the story to them.

Here is an online version of the story.

The children then mentioned the animals they thought would go in the ark.  We spoke about how God created animals for us to take care of them.

We acknowledged the fact that we cannot be cruel to animals even if these animals are stray animals and live in the streets.  We finished off the session with the children colouring in a picture of various animals which they then stuck onto an ark they had painted in one of our painting sessions.

(The arks are stuck in front of our classroom on one of our display boards).

Week 7 Part 2 – The rest of the week was dedicated to – The World Around Me – My Family

I introduced this topic to the children by explaining that there are different forms of families.  A family can be make up of a dad and a child; a mum and a child; a mum, a dad and a child; children can be living with their grandparents or other relatives from time to time because parents might be working abroad or for other reasons.

This is all okay because these people show us they love us by feeding us, taking us to school, spending time with us like reading a book or playing with the toys together etc.

The children watched a couple of books during the week related to this topic:

The Family Book – Todd Parr –

Me and My Family Tree –

We also spoke about how we can show that we love all those who are part of our family.  The children mentioned giving them a hug, preparing the table for dinner, clearing our toys from our room, getting dressed by themselves amongst others.  This story below shows an elephant family trying to help a member of the family who is sick.

Mr. Large In Charge –

Our sessions on this topic ended with the children drawing their own family which we linked to the numeracy session (See the numeracy blog for more details).


Term 1 Week 5 – Halloween (Part 2)

We dedicated the second part of the week talking and discovering the world of cats since these are the preferred creatures of the witch.

The children enjoyed watching the below power point with facts about these little creatures.


The children followed the story, The Square Cat written by Elizabeth Schoomaker.   The cat in this book is different from the cat found in The Room on The Broom or even the other cats in the same story.

Eula feels different and tries desperately to be like its friends.  However at the end it realizes that it is okay to be different and this might have its advantages.

Square Cat –

By means of this story we introduced another alphabet letter c for cat.  However we also spoke about another special letter which also has the same sound, k for kitten.

The children created two crafts related to this topic, a square cat and a kitten.


More details about the ck sound in the literacy section.

The children also learnt about the properties of a square and revised the big and small concept.

You can find more information in the numeracy section.